Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Twenty days

Twenty days to go and our attention is aimed toward putting out fires here at home. We own a vacation trailer that we rent out for the Florida season when everyone over ninety-five up north decides to come here and annoy us. I am not that much younger than them anymore and it pisses me off. Anyway, we were contacted last year by a couple, held the trailer for them until they arrived New Year's Eve. By New Year's day the nasty lady was calling, eight in the blessed a.m. to complain that the family we had rented it to during the summer left the place a mess. It was immaculate. The woman is insane.

By Tuesday the couple said they couldn't live in the trailer anymore. To be fair to them the floor is a bit wobbly (it's an old trailer but really cute. It was redone to look like a little house. For vagrants.) By happenstance they have family nearby who live in a trailer park and the trailer next to them just became available. We let them go. I would have driven them over if I could.

Now we are going to rent to a nice teacher and her son. She has a relative who can fix our floor there so that's good. The trailer looks out onto a huge field so it's not a bad place to live all in all. I'd love to move back north and use it ourselves just for the winter. One day I am hoping common sense and drugs will make my husband see the reasoning in this. Until then, I am stuck here in paradise.

Twenty days to go. And now for your Colin Firth Darcyites...

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LucyParker said...

You posted that video for me, didn't you? I always get the same rush every time I see it.

Having been held captive by friends who insisted their airstream was the only way to travel, and having had to share my bed with their dog who chased rabbits in his sleep, my sympathies are with the insane renters. I would have loved to have someone drive over me after three days of stopping to see the biggest ball of twine and walnut bowls. Those were some small bowls.

Love your new blog design. Now I'm going back to my wet Darcy.