Monday, January 17, 2011

Golden Globes

What a boring, boring show. I didn't know anyone under forty during that whole thing. Justin Bieber or whatever his name is looks like my friend's grandson and who would have thought Burlesque was even out. I didn't hear it had opened yet. Best presenters were Tom Hanks and Tim Allen.

Boring speeches again - why don't they forbid them to thank individuals other than family members. No one cares.

Well, the Austen ladies must be screaming by now, Colin won, and he deserved to win. He was magnificent in that role. Hubby and I went to see the Black Swan today and maybe there was too much hype for me before hand because I was not that blown away. It is a long nightmare with a sort of ending but no real beginning. That's why I don't like movies too much anymore; I like a beginning, a middle and an end. That's what I'm used to I guess. Natalie Portman was very good in the film - they will probably both win oscars. I like Colin but I'm not on the Colin Darcy side. His wife looks very sweet but very young and he said lovely things to her. They must be newlyweds. I'm a Matthew Mac Darcy person to be perfectly honest, but I don't like his wife, Keeley Hawes. You can't say that on any of the Darcy sites because you get booted off if you don't like her - it's strictly forbidden. She stands for photographers like Paris Hilton does. I didn't say I was a deep thinker.

The dresses were nice for the most part. I don't like Angelina Jolie so I didn't like her dress, even before I saw it, I did like Jennifer Lopez's and Hayley Barry's. It was nice to see that some of the women weighed more than others. The Glee lady is a hoot, I always like her. Sandra Bullock - OMG, what was with the hair? She looked really sad too. Nice lady, sorry about the hair remark now. Al Pacino - really don't enjoy his acting anymore. A lot of screaming and puffy cheeks - not a good look for him. He had the same hair do as Annette Benning - who knew? Robert Deniro (how do you spell his name anyway?) always like him although his movies lately are more commercial than artistic - the Fockers (a bad play on words driven into the ground) however, he is a perfect commedian. Of course, he's the best actor there is so he can do comedy. Anyone ever see him on Extras? Very good.

Next movie I have to drag DH to is The Social Network. Then we're done for the year. Your Youtube for today is Colin. But tomorrow is Matty MacDarcy again. Sorry, I can't seem to stay away...


LucyParker said...

I'm still high from Colin's win and putzing around the 'net to see who's posting CF stuff. FYI - Colin & Livia married in 1997, she's 10 years younger than he, they have 2 boys. They're 13+ year newlyweds, which is why women love him.

I think your GG comments are all right on the mark! Now I'll let you get back to Matthew. Thanks for posting this.

Karen Wasylowski said...

She's forty? Disgusting wench