Friday, January 14, 2011

Seventeen days left

Day three of my blatant pandering to Lucy and now Meredith. I found this great Youtube video of Colin with David Letterman. I am liking Letterman more and more as he, and I, get older. We are both mellowing. Interesting that Colin lived in St. Louis and his mother is from Iowa or something like that. Of course Colin is his usual relaxed elegant self.

Anyway, evidently my book is being shipped earlier than expected by Amazon. Can't get rid of them fast enough - the price is dropping faster than my IQ. The Fresno book signing will take place in April in a place called The Paul New Center. I was very excited about finally being united with the first love of my life when Sharon Lathan explained that it was not THAT Paul Newman.

Lucy, the trailer I was talking about before needs major work. $3,800 worth of work. The trailer isn't even worth $3,800. However, the floor in the second bedroom is sagging and the closet floor is about to give way. This is what happens in Florida. Everything gets old.

And now, for your Firth viewing pleasure....

And for the Macfadyen viewing audience...

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LucyParker said...

My book, er, your book shipped today, or so Amazon tells me. I'll see it in 3 days. Right now it's in Lexington KY, seeing more of the USA than I am. Be nice to me, Mary Simonsen told me Amazon reader reviews are important, and I know I'll want to write one.

In spite of my teasing, I'm so very, very happy and excited for you! Not only for your book, but for your blog readership doubling. ;)