Friday, April 20, 2012

Too much time on my hands - you be the judge

After all of the drama of the past few months, I decided to treat myself (and you) to a deluge of male pulchritude, an inundation of masculine exquisiteness, a gaggle of gorgeous gentleman -  in other words, let's watch our guys strut their stuff.



ALAN RICKMAN (Seductive Severus Snape)


COLIN FIRTH (magnificent - the one and only!!)

MATTHEW MACFADYEN (Mr. Gorgeous himself)





Monday, April 16, 2012

BEFORE AND AFTER (and Benedict Cumberbatch)


This will be brief but I have to get it off my mind.

I've made fun of the past few months with our tenant from hell and I've talked to a lot of people about this and when I relate to others all her tales of woe the one comment I keep getting back is that "she's not your problem."

Well, I'm really tired of hearing that.

She IS my problem.   All of our collective problems are our neighbors problems and we can't dismiss others so lightly.  I am not proud of what we did, not by a long shot.  I like Toni but I found I didn't believe what she was telling me and we needed to move on.  If she had been up front with us and honest we would have worked something out with her.

However, without trust you have nothing, and we just didn't trust her anymore.  Something is wrong with Toni, I realize that.  She was charming and childlike but irresponsible.  The moment you help her from one difficulty she relaxes with her feet up to wait for the next.  She never stands on her feet as an adult would to take charge of her life.

It makes me wonder about her upbringing.

But for so many people to say immediately, "that not your problem," well, that's not right either.


Well, ok, so I was wrong.  I texted Toni and told her that today the disposal company was coming by for her things between eleven and four and I also told her we'd take the cat to a shelter.  She FINALLY texted me back that she was staying by the pool across the road and would meet us at our condo to get the cat and her things.

Rich and I got there at 10:30.  We waited until eleven and then I texted her again that we were there, where was she, and that the disposal company would arrive soon. She texted back (a miracle - her phone has healed itself) she would arrive in a half hour.   The disposal company came at 12:30, still no Toni so I had brought a really nice travel bag I was giving to her with the thought that if she didn't show I would pack the bag with whatever I could.  I texted her again.  "There're here," I said.  "They're taking the stuff away."

She texted me immediately (this is the girl who has half convinced me that the reason she never replies to my texts is that her phone is broken and text messages get to her hours after they are sent, if ever)  She said "Who's taking what?  Where?"  I couldn't believe it.  She had no idea what was going on.   I texted her "They are taking your stuff."  She texted.  "They can't do that.  I have a suitcase with ready and other things."  I didn't answer her.  I just grabbed the clothes atop her washing machine and stuffed the bag, told the man to leave it on the lanai.

Three hours later I heard from Toni.  "You fucking bitch!  You deliberately saved garbage for me - you took this from the garbage!  You intentionally gave away my good clean clothes and left me with garbage.  Karma is a bitch and so are you!"

Ok.  And I was going to give her money too if she had arrived.

She sent a dozen more texts in the same manner - then started whining about her grandmother's china and her $100 shoes - she hasn't even paid her rent for two months!

Now the condo is empty and our painter was there today.  She said the windows are black with something, and it's not cigarette smoke.  Also there is fecal matter (other than the cat's) and blood on the rug in the bedroom (I wonder if that's why she slept on the floor in the living room and not in her bed).

Oh, and we found out today that the security gate for the complex that had been bashed in was bashed in by one of Toni's visitors.

Ok, I get it.  She really is not my problem.  I feel so battered and bruised now that I finally have reached the point were I don't care.

And I hate that she's done this to me, but there it is.

The voice from heaven

Saturday, April 14, 2012


As I sit here in my restraints, locked within my little computer cage, I can hear the snorts and laughter coming from our family room.  It is Saturday morning and my husband, Richie, is watching The Three Stooges.  What is it with men and The Three Stooges?  Richie is normally the gentlest, kindest, most compassionate man I have ever met - until The Three Stooges.  He's out there recycling cereal milk through his nose because Curly just got a jackhammer shoved up his.

(Not really the condo - but close enough)

I've been venting about our Tenant from Hell and how we finally had to evict her Thursday.  This is getting very expensive.  Not only have we missed out on two months rent, but the cost the eviction came to $400. The condo is still filled with garbage (I suspect she was never planning to leave, no matter how many times she told me she'd be gone in two days)  We have to hire people to dump all of her things.  That will cost $200.  I texted her and told her when they'd be there so maybe she can salvage something.  I mean she left her curling iron, clothes, makeup, shoes, a laundry room piled to the roof - not to mention her poor cat!  We found that thing huddled by the door screaming to get inside, so we let her in; she's already pooped all over the bedroom carpet, so what the hell.  I'll take her to a no kill shelter on Monday.

New carpeting is needed because the old one is worn, filthy and - full of cat poop.  We were told $900 but I can't believe it will be that little.  The walls have to be washed, primed and painted too (cigarette smoke smell in there is enough to gag you)  Painting the condo will be $1400.

And a new dishwasher too - the old one was broken and we never were told.  Thats $700.

I need a cookie.


Found this great Youtube for Mr. Darcy, Matthew Macfadyen.  Happy Weekend everyone!

Thursday, April 12, 2012



Well, we did it.  We evicted our tenant today.  We thought that with two months warning, with two 3 day notices, a warning from the court, a writ of possession and a 24 hour notice to evict she would have taken us seriously, but I guess she didn't

She was still there.

After two months of not answering her cell phone, not answering text messages (unless threatened with the police) of countless assurances that she needed just one more day, two at the most, she was just sitting in her living room - a living room which was still as full of junk and garbage as the last time we were there.

Here's what happened.  Two police officers met us there at nine in the morning and said she was inside and had told them to wait.  So, when Rich and I arrived the officer knocked on the door, Toni again said to wait - but he didn't - he opened the door and we walked in.  She was barefoot, sitting in a chair, smoking her fifth pack of cigarettes and watching television. She said to me, "I'm going to be picked up by the medical bus around noonish to go for my physical therapy but I do have people coming today to buy the TV and the bedroom set. Karen, I have no where to go until Sunday, but I swear Sunday I have a place lined up."

I said, "Toni you've told me that every week for two months."  Then she started to cry that she was homeless and what about her cat, what was she going to do with her cat...  It was a nightmare.

And I almost caved again.  She looked so little and helpless and, oh, remember the best part - she's five months pregnant now.  I opened my mouth to speak and the officer with me immediately cut in.

First he asked her to put out her cigarette and turn off the television.  Then he said, "Ma'am, if these people allow you to stay, then they will have to go through the eviction process from the beginning again, and incur the same amount of expenses ($400).   I can assure you, they do not want to do that.  You'll have to leave." Eventually I had to leave because she was becoming hysterical.

I asked about her mother (who lives near us in a big house) "My mother is not home".  I think her mother, who raised Toni's other daughter, is a bit terrified that she'll have another seventeen years raising this newborn.  I asked about her sisters, her friends.  "I have no friends," she squealed, yet two weeks ago, when we were told yet again that she would be out by the afternoon. she was being dropped off by a woman about her age and she was walking and texting, happy as a clam, didn't see us until I walked right up to her.  She told me, no problem.  The truck is coming tonight.

The officer told Rich to go ahead and change the lock on the door while she was gathering her stuff and screaming  (she was screaming, not the officer).  That officer was very kind, he took pity on us and put the new doorknobs in himself. I'm sure he wanted to get out of there.

Well, when we left, she was sitting outside the building, alone on the curb, texting someone I suppose.  I feel like dirt.  But why did she never return my texts, my calls?  We could have worked something out but I just don't believe anything she says anymore, she never was straight with us from day one.

Next we have to hire people to remove her possessions, which are still in the condo, and put them out on the curb.  I dread this, I hate it, I feel bad, and I hope I never have to do this again..

Mostly, I worry about that baby she's carrying.  How will she take care of an infant when she can't care for herself?