Friday, May 17, 2013

DOWNTON ABBEY PARODIES: The Glorious and The Profane

There is no one I know who loves DOWNTON ABBEY more than I do.  Of course, besides my husband, I know so few people who actually watch the show.  My Downton friends are all my friends on Facebook and Twitter.  I seem to have more in common with them.

And, as silly a person as I am, I seem to love the parodies of Downton Abbey just as much.  Here are some of the very best I've seen.  Absent is the WORST - Jimmy Kimmel's Downton Sixbey, which, surprisingly, wasn't that funny.  Also absent is the very BEST, the Saturday Night Live parody that was supposedly a commercial for Downton that played on SPIKE TV.  (who can forget the announcer and that snarky voice - "and what about those three Grantham sisters - there's hot Lady Mary... and way hot Lady Sybil, and... the other one.) That was hilarious and someday I'll add that to my collection here.  So, without further ado - DOWNTON ABBEY...

and last, but not least

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

THIS AND THAT THURSDAY, and Henry Cavill...

FUN ON PLANET KLYSTRON 9:  Why are 90% of Weather Girls pregnant?

Size doesn't matter...size doesn't matter...size doesn't matter...
to Lara Pulver

Doesn't it get kind of tiresome to hear about sex ALL the time, like it's just been discovered.  "Oh boy, the writing on this show is SO modern - they said penis and shit (I don't mean literally SHIT, I just mean "AND MORE THINGS LIKE PENIS)."  I read a quote from Lara Pulver, (who is only famous because she was completely naked on 'Sherlock') now starring on a new show, DaVinci's Demons - she described the show as being "Full Of 'Sex, Violence, Religion, Philosophy..."  OOOH - never heard of those things before - all in one place like that.  Oh wait, Lara, that pretty much describes THE BIBLE.


Why did Colin Firth not have eyebrows when he was young and now he does?



We purchased a new Sony 36" television set for the bedroom.  It is long and narrow, HD, PDQ, SVU, 1080Megwatts, or something like that.   It is bigger than the set we had before, that's all I know; so, can someone tell me why the picture does not fill the entire screen?  It seems that no matter what size set you buy, there is a band of black at the top and at the bottom of the screen.  It's the Martin Scorsese effect.   Martin Scorsese insists that we must have this to appreciate movies the way they were filmed, for the theater screens.   Apparently, I will miss the entire gist of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers if I don't see Brothers 1, 2, and 6 and 7 dancing their little hearts out.  Martin wants me to see those guys really, really badly.

Guess what, Marty?  I don't give a shit about those guys.  No!  You know what else I don't give a shit about.  I don't give a shit about the trees to the far right, or that lamp to the far left.  I just care about the people in the middle, and, unless there is a deviant sexual act going on somewhere to the left, I'd rather focus on the center.  I really, really don't like the narrow screen and someone should tell Martin Scorsese to stop messing with them.  Watching movies on TV now is like watching through a slot in a door, and the smaller the set, the smaller the movie becomes.  And Why?  So that I can see Auntie Eller ring the triangle for supper in Oklahoma.  And, if I expand the screen to fill the glass, I can't see the basketball scores on the top, nor can I see the stock market numbers, or the weather on the bottom.

Someone go slap Martin Scorsese for me.


Who was the idiot that put little red pants on Superman in the first place?