Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday, November 30,2010

We have still not heard anything from the bloggers and the reviewers about the book. I was featured on November 28 on the My Jane Austen Book Club site and the video was there too. The video hits are now about 245 or so, not exactly viral but at least it's getting out there. Maybe I am pushing this too hard, I still have eight weeks to go!

We are going to be attending the Savannah Georgia book fair on February 19, 2011 - the day of my better half's birthday! Yay! That should be fun because I'll be with Regina Jeffers and she has a big following. I need to learn what to do at these things and it will do no harm to bask in the reflected glow of someone the public actually knows!

In April we'll be going to Fresno for a JASNA book convention. Since we don't fly we'll be taking the train, from Chicago to Sacramento, then rent a car to go to Fresno for a couple of days. Then we'll have about five days to sightsee in San Francisco and the wine country and Malibu and Carmel and Yosimite and I think we'll need more days. Anway, we are really looking forward to the train ride - we have a compartment to ourselves, and also looking forward to a few days in Chicago at my friend Judy's house. We'll visit with friends and eat at Portillo's and then eat at Portillo's again. My kind of town.

Friday, November 19, 2010

New video is up and running on Youtube

Yesterday i finally got the new video up and running on Youtube, then could not find it to same my soul. It is apparently one of several hundred thousand videos and even if I type in the actual name - Darcy and Fitzwilliam - it is lost in the shuffle. I tagged it with Darcy and Fitzwilliam, Pride and Prejudice, Matthew Macfadyen, Colin Firth, Period Drama - nada.

My next step will have to be seeing how much it costs youtube to promote the video. Help.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Video is on my Facebook and on Website

I posted the video for D&F on my facebook and also on my website. Also found out that the book is being sent out by Amazon earlier than previously said. Someone told me they had heard they would receive the book by late March - now Amazon says the book will be received by February 7. Is that a good sign?

Also, need recommendations for the cast when they film the book. I still see Matthew MacFadyen as Darcy and Martin Clunes as Fitzwilliam; both personalities seem to to fit my idea of them. Now need Lizzy - who am I kidding, Kiera Knightley IS Lizzy, even though I hate her because she's so adorable and thin and young. ah well. Now we need Amanda and Lady Catherine. Who am I kidding? Dame Judy Densch IS Lady Catherine, even though I hate her because so's so adorable and talented. I sense a trend...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Ok - fine. I am going to discipline myself and post something here everyday. I have created a video for my book which I have posted onto my website. I tried to post to Youtube however I cannot for the live of me figure that thing out. I signed up giving them a username. They asked me to sign in but not with a user name - with my e-mail address and a password. I was never asked to give them a password when I signed up. I clicked on I forgot my password. They sent me into google to retrieve my google password. I get into google finally and they ask me if I want to sign up for Youtube. I am like the Flying Dutchman with this. I'll try again tomorrow.

Today continued on with the second book and again I am undisciplined to the extreme, changing the beginning so much that the seventy or so pages I have already need to be changed to follow. The roof is fixed, the pool is blue again and tomorrow I'll start my diet.

In April I'll be in Fresno, my first California visit (yay!) to visit with Sharon Lathan and attend her Austen group festivities, maybe sign a few of my books for the slower fleeing attendees. I'm old but I'm quick. My next blog is December 14 for Austen Authors. What a nice group of women they are (and one man). Such good authors and so prolific. I hate them come to think of it. Well, we'll see if I remember to add something tomorrow.