Thursday, November 18, 2010

Video is on my Facebook and on Website

I posted the video for D&F on my facebook and also on my website. Also found out that the book is being sent out by Amazon earlier than previously said. Someone told me they had heard they would receive the book by late March - now Amazon says the book will be received by February 7. Is that a good sign?

Also, need recommendations for the cast when they film the book. I still see Matthew MacFadyen as Darcy and Martin Clunes as Fitzwilliam; both personalities seem to to fit my idea of them. Now need Lizzy - who am I kidding, Kiera Knightley IS Lizzy, even though I hate her because she's so adorable and thin and young. ah well. Now we need Amanda and Lady Catherine. Who am I kidding? Dame Judy Densch IS Lady Catherine, even though I hate her because so's so adorable and talented. I sense a trend...

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