Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Today I finally got my husband to the doctor down here in Florida. We generally go up north for check-ups once a year but he's been acting funny and his back has been killing him so I just made the appointment and then pitched a fit.

God love him, he went.

Now we are entering the Florida doctor-go-round. You go to one Florida doctor and you are dragged into a black hole. Every doctor makes a referral and a three month follow-up appointment. Every one. Richie is a bit ticked at the moment.

But, we found out he is diabetic! So now he is on pills as of tomorrow morning. Also tomorrow morning we go for an MRI (notice I said 'we' automatically) for his back. (Did you ever notice that the doctors talk directly to the wife when explaining what has to be done. They handed everything over to me, as if they didn't trust him. Good instincts on their part) Plus we have to go for bloodwork. Plus we have a two week follow up. Richie is really ticked.

I don't care. He'll get shots for his pinched nerve (that's what the doctor thinks it is in his back) then he can return to exercising which he had to stop because of his pain. His stopping exercise caused him to gain twenty pounds. The twenty pounds brought on the diabetes. It's not my fault. But, we go back to the doctor in two weeks and then every three months for blood checks.

Why are men so mental about taking care of themselves? He refuses to take even an aspirin usually and now he'll be on medication until he can lose about thirty pounds - and hopefully then I'll finally lose some too.


I heard that Colin Firth will play a - lord help us - vampire in his next movie; one can only hope they don't name the vampire Louie Darcy or something like that. I have never ever understood the allure of vampires for the young and dumb. It is probably the natural progession from Harry Potter but, honestly, it is really stupid.

I was hoping that Colin and Matthew Macfadyen get roles in the Anna Karenina movie that Joe Wright is planning. Have I posted this before? I have been planting my evil little idea at a lot of sites lately, hopefully including my own. But...wouldn't Matthew my darling Macfadyen make a stunning Vronsky? and Colin would be a magnificent Karenin. They could put Barbara Walters as Anna - who would bother to look at her.

Video of the day...

And my husbands very favorite video...


LucyParker said...

I'm a bad person for laughing at the second video. The girl getting gas deserved a laugh, but the second people were victims of medical errors. Yet, I couldn't help myself, I'm wiping laughter tears as I type this. I'm going to hell.

Diabetes, yup, my daily foe. You'll hear lots of opinions, but it all comes down to exercise, Richie. Your pancreas works better with at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day. My pill works to stabilize my metabolism, a big hindrance when you need to lose weight. Watch what you eat, but it's all about exercise. I wish you all the best, sir. Your wife needs you!

Did you see what Bill Maher said about Colin Firth? He gets it, why doesn't my husband?

Karen Wasylowski said...

No - what did Bill Maher say. is there a 'bromance' involved? Richie knew you'd like the second video - he thinks you're pretty cool. I can hear him cackling about it even now.

LucyParker said...

Mr. Bill Maher: "Colin Firth has to admit that he’s not a human being, but a robot designed by women. He’s handsome, charming, witty, he’s got that accent, and he has a gay best friend. The only way he could be any better is if he ejaculated Häagen-Dazs."

Ice cream, I need ice cream...

Have you googled yourself lately? I'm impressed, glad to be one of your internuts. (I was trying to find this blog, as I'm at work with some time to kill, and you're not bookmarked here. no creepy stalker thing involved.) (what's your address?)

Karen Wasylowski said...

my home address? write me at and I'll give it to you.

LucyParker said...

OMG! I was making a silly joke about my stalking when I asked for your address. You are much too nice and trusting to be on the internet by yourself. Richie needs to take care of his health, as he is obviously the brains of the Wasylowski organization.

But I am going to email you (ha!) because I'd like to send my D&F book to you, ask you to sign it. The poor book flops open to all of my favorite Lady C parts. I tried to read parts of it to my husb the other night but was laughing too hard, and it was difficult for him to understand why it was so funny. If I show him Video #2, he'll take away my laptop for sure!