Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nacho, the new Fabio (and RA)

I have to admit that this is one fine looking young man - even at twelve years of age he has the mannerisms of an adult. No, seriously, is this what getting older is going to be like? Developing girly crushes on younger and younger men until I start waggling my eyebrows at preteens, until I start swiveling my hips and swaggering my walker in the face of toddler boys, until my old lady night drool matches that heavenly newborn's?

But he is fine...let me get my teeth.

Funniest GG joke I ever heard:

Doctor: I have bad news. You have cancer and you have Alzheimers
Patient: Thank God! I thought I had cancer.

I guess you have to have taken care of an Alzheimer patient to understand. My mom and I laughed a lot at that one, then we'd forget and laugh at it again.


I've developed an odd liking for Justin Timberlake; he is pretty cute on Saturday Night Live. Pass me a Depends someone..

St. Patrick was an Italian born in Britain and enslaved in Ireland. At least that's whay my mama told me. She also had huge fights with my father over whether an Italian discovered America or if a Swede did (Leif Erickson). That fight never did get resolved.

I have decided to go to mass every day for Lent. Today made twice so far, a pretty good showing for me actually. I liked the priest today, Father Russell. I remember when Rich and I first came down here to Florida Russell managed a religious store and weighed about three hundred pounds, never smiled. I felt so sorry for him. He finally lost a few hundred pounds and entered the seminary. He is still serious looking but with a killer sense of humor and there is a joy in his eyes that makes you happy for him. He's where he always wanted to be, God love him.

I'm trying for three days in a row at mass tomorrow. God will faint. Film at eleven.


LucyParker said...

Here's the deal - Nacho, Richard, Justin all have an attitude that allows you to ogle them. They don't seem to mind getting a second look, or a long stare. In fact, I get the impression that RA wouldn't mind wearing that Speedo all the time. Does that make me a dirty old lady? I say no, because each of these guys is old enough to be old enough. I can't do 20-somethings, that's the age that hangs out at my house, but 30+, yeah I'll gawk.

Too scared to ever want to touch one of them, tho. And there's no way I'm every taking my clothes off for anyone new, so I think NF, RA, JT and I are all very happy with the status quo.

Except Nacho sending out a pic of his empty tea cup is really ridiculous. Me clicking to enlarge the photo is even more so. Thanks for the videos! You are my sunshine!

LucyParker said...

Nacho has redeemed himself by sending me a video of his toddler son hitting balls with a polo mallet. The kid's a natural, huge swing, didn't miss a ball. Gotta love a proud papa.

Hope you are meeting all your Lenten goals.