Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Blog Site AND Richard Armitage

I will be doing the extra tomorrow for Austen Authors so everyone read it and then leave me a good comment to impress the other writers. I have a God awful competitive streak that has turned into an interstate with the release of my new book - DARCY AND FITZWILLIAM. Gotta have more Twitter followers!

This week was very strange. Sunday our two favorite nieces were visiting from Chicago and we went out to dinner. They are wonderful and funny, both, and very kind. Rather like Stepford Nieces. Then Monday we buried my sister-in-law who had been ill for many years. She's a good deal older than my husband and had been bed ridden for the last six months. She was ready to go, believe me. We hid the gun. The odd thing was how cold the funeral was, how dry eyed we all were. Such a sad testament to a long life. We were able to sneak the ashes of her recently dead dog, Louie, into the casket with her. I think he was the only one who in her family who loved her at the end. Sad.

Ok, wonderful nephew Adrian has created a new blog for me at www.karenwasylowski.com/blog. It is a much nicer, cleaner looking blog than this but I don't know how to run the thing yet because my password and log in didn't work. I was thinking to keep both blogs. I must be crazy, I don't have time to write now. I will never get this stupid second book finished - and then I have no excuse for being a one book wonder.

Sounds like a plan to me.

Maybe I can keep this particular one for my rantings with LucyP and the rest of you and have a more traditional, Jane Austen loving, respectful, ladylike... Oh hell, that doesn't sound good anyway.

NEW BLOG ADDRESS: www.karenwasylowski.com/blog

I have another follower!!!!! Whoever you are I love you. Let me know what kind of Youtubbies you like. We have a prediliction for Mathew Macfadyen (yay) Colin Firth (ya) and Richard Armitage (y). Also, anything that is nuts will find a home.

LucyP did you get the book back?

Here is the actor I envision as Fitzwilliam - when people finally come to their collective senses and make my book into a movie - or perhaps a stage play. What do you guys think? I think she'd make a great Amanda too - even if she isn't blonde.

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LucyParker said...

I can see Martin Clune as the colonel. Hope he gets the part. Do you have a say in casting? If you do then maybe MM's hair will be done to your liking.

I'm sorry about your SIL's extended illness. Love that Louie is with her.

Yes! huzzah! My book was waiting for me after a very long day. Thanks so much, it really helps my family to know that the fictional world I live in has real people attached to it. Have I ever told you that my favorite candy in the world is Godiva dark chocolate raspberry? I tell people that I like Jr. Mints but the Godiva is my illicit love affair.

When are we officially moving to the new digs? I'll need to reset my tabs.

Hey, new follower! Happy to have you aboard. Karen does great YouTube. :D