Friday, March 18, 2011

My Second Book Signing and Richard Armitage

Books a Million. We sold out in about forty five minutes! Of course the bookstore had only twelve copies left for us to sell and a lot of people we knew showed up but still - they had a lot of copies of the book there last time we checked! Maybe people really are buying it! Richie has been reading off a litany of countries it is selling in - Germany? Unbelievable.

(You can tell when I have absolutely nothing in mind to write, can't you?)

I found this hysterical Youtube for Pride and Prejudice and put it on my Facebook page. For those of you who didn't see it, and just because I love the thing, here it is again.

I love the next one too.

So now I have to get this and do the whole movie, kind of like Woody Allen's What's Up Tiger Lily? I hate to steal this idea but it is to good to just leave at these two scenes. If anyone sees anymore of these, please let me know.


Where in the World is Matthew Macfadyen??? He's disappeared and the poor boy doesn't twitter or facebook or anything. I hope he's all right, he is my Darcy after all. His wife is in that remake of Upstairs Downstairs that is said to be deadly dull - pass me a saucer of milk someone.


LucyParker said...

I thought David (he lets me call him by his first name) was making a movie with CF and Jim Sturgess. A terrorist thriller (a thrilling terrorist? how can that be?) in Tel Aviv. I'll go with you when this film comes out, something for the both of us. Plus, JS has that Paul McCartney thing going for him, so there'll be lots to look at, even if the genre isn't my first choice. Tell RW I'll buy his popcorn. (If you're a hot man, it's a compliment to be reduced to your initials these days. Or so RA told me.)

You are the Queen of YouTube! I've watched your P&P videos over and over. They just get funnier each time. Yes, you should provide us with additional subtitled clips. I suggest Mr. Collins' proposal, or a Wickham scene. Put your wit to good use to benefit us all!

I'm off to make a vegan dinner for some of my son's band friends. (It's a law that mothers feed touring bands, guarantees your own kid gets fed when in a another band member's town) I could never be vegan, not because of the meat, but because cheese is necessary for my survival. There's cheese in heaven, right?

LucyParker said...

I'm failing in my duties as your blog commenter, as I let the big blog news slide. Congratulations on selling out at Books A Million!! Now you know how JK Rowling feels! :D

Karen Wasylowski said...

I could chew up and spit out JKR. small potatoes. Next topic for discussion - cheese is not vegan? discuss among yourselves. Finally who is David and now I have to look up Jim Sturgiss. He sounds familiar. crap