Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Finally, the problem of my psychotic computer has been solved. It turns out that when Brighthouse brought over our new modem they were unaware that it worked as a router also and hooked it up to our old router. So, we had two routers and a schizoid computer. In fact two of them, actually three of them. No one expects the Spanish Inquisition. I am happy now. I can twitter again. I just read a tweet from someone who announced that she had burned her finger. You see how much I missed.


I couldn't wait to talk about "A Single Man." It was on cable the other night and we watched it - not at all what I expected. They made the film look like it really was from the sixties - not only the furniture and cars but something about the color of the film was completely different. And the sixties styles! It was fascinating to watch. Colin Firth was really quite good in this, but he is a wonderful actor anyway. I don't have the common reaction to him that most women obviously have - I am not attracted to him in "that way" - I know that's a great relief to LucyP.

But, I cried when that film was finished. Oh how my heart went out to that character, remembering how narrow minded people were back then, and they haven't changed a whole lot yet. He was great in this movie, could have easily won the Oscar last year too.

Some very good underwater shots of the guys too. My, my...

This music is Immortal Beloved, beautiful song also used in a Matthew Macfadyne Pride and Prejudice clip so I am partial to it.



LucyParker said...

Is the RA headline the same thing as putting Darcy's name on all the book titles? There's a picture of him in one of the AHA story threads that now makes me blush whenever I see any photo of him. And smile, I blush and smile.

"A Single Man" was a beautifully made movie. I didn't recognize the kid from "About A Boy" until my son pointed it out, but Colin captured every scene. Tom Ford's brain must be a glorious place. and his closet.

I've been reading Jennifer Ehle's twitters. She's funny and smart, someone I'd like to know for real. I also read Livia Firth's twitters. She's rather boring: "Yesterday I wore my recycled necklace down my back, today I wore my recycled necklace down my front." And she seems to eat a lot of chocolate. and gin and tonics. I could like her for those last two things.

Nacho sends me twitters, but I always have the feeling that his wife is looking over his shoulder. I had a big conversation about Nacho with the sales lady at the Polo cologne counter today. I was with my son and he said "there's Nacho" on one of the displays, thinking he was making fun of me. The sales lady and I both made sisterly eye contact and talked Nacho facts, while my son squirmed. Then I bought son a Polo shirt so he wouldn't tell his father about another obsession of mine.

I'm tired and rambling, cuz big storms have kept Parker howling last two nights. I guess he sleeps when we're at work. Tonight he's getting Benedryl so we can all sleep. Me, too! Goodnight RA, CF, MM & RW!

Karen Wasylowski said...

You would not believe how my viewership spikes when I mention Richard Armitage - so, duh...

Your son is brilliant and I am stunned that was the boy from About the Boy. Gobsmacked. Truncated.

More computer crashes this morning. I love being on the cusp of technology like this.

Karen Wasylowski said...

Nacho says hi.

LucyParker said...

Nacho just twittered me a picture of his empty tea cup, for reasons I can't begin to fathom. To make my life even more ridiculous I tried to share it on my FB page, only to see that I saved some dumb horse arena picture of his. I think you got in the shared group - sorry. I fought the internet and it won.