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NEW BOOK ALERT!!!! By Debra Brown

"I am very excited to be releasing my new early Victorian novel, The Companion of Lady Holmeshire, on April 5, 2011 on Amazon Kindle and soon thereafter in print. A foundling infant, grown to become the lovely servant girl, Miss Emma Carrington, has been chosen by the Countess of Holmeshire as her companion to keep her from the lonely hours of widowhood. Emma returns from London, where she had been receiving training in the arts of refinement, to the country castle home of the Lady in Northumbria. There she receives a warm welcome from her former workmates downstairs. The Countess intends to introduce this former servant girl into aristocratic society alongside herself despite much anxiety over it on the part of the former housemaid. Soon the Lady’s son, the 7th Earl of Holmeshire, who is engaged to an aristocratic London lady, returns from his travels to the Continent. How does he take to the presence of this former servant at tea? A day in the village below reveals some hint of danger to Emma; what is the source of that threat? Follow the enjoyable romantic developments and enjoy life with both the aristocrats and the servants. Join them as they travel into London for The Season and learn how Emma is received in snobbish upper class society.

See some of the harsh realities of life while visiting a poor area in Victorian London. Attend a ball along with the young Queen Victoria. Last, but not least, quite some intriguing mystery has been woven through the book; an expensive bracelet has been stolen and the identities of several people are puzzling."

I love Victorian novels, the atmosphere is wonderful for romance with all of the repression that enveloped British society with the reign of Victoria and Albert. After the wild ways of the Regency, where anything was permitted, this must have been a shock. Should be a great book. Best of wishes, Debra!

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LucyParker said...

I have never understood why military men wore white breeches. It must have been a woman, a laundress, who invented camouflage.

I also think it's a stretch to have Hugh Grant as a hero in the video. I loved him in "About a Boy" but not much else.

I just rewatched "Young Victoria" so your book review is very timely. I'll be sure to add it to my Nook list.