Saturday, April 9, 2011


In my never ending quest to bring the news to the American public...

Article i £20,000 Dog Wedding NeatoramaFriday, April 08, 2011 Around 80 guests attended a lavish wedding in Bradwell-on-Sea, Essex, England. Louise Harris hired a wedding planner who oversaw the flowers, decorations, food, and security for the £20,000 ($32,000US) affair. The wedding was for Louise’s six-year-old Yorkshire terrier, Lola. Lola wore a £1000 specially-designed wedding dress, decorated with Swarovski crystals. Harris has thrown lavish birthday parties for her dogs, but this bash outdid them all. Louise who runs dog boutique and grooming parlour Diva Dogs, in Essex – ran an online competition on her DivaDogs website and Facebook page to find the perfect husband for her princess Lola. She received hundreds of entries of would-be suitors for Lol but whittled it down to a final six potential partners. But much to her surprise, Lolas obvious favourite was Mugly, previously voted Britains ugliest dog, owned by mum-of-four Bev Nicholson, 47. See another picture of Mugly here. After the ceremony, guests enjoyed a sumptuous buffet and a six-foot tall chocolate fountain. The dog guests had their own specially-made treats. The bride and groom will not live together, but will visit once a month. Link -via Arbroath

Article ii Man superglued to supermarket toilet in prank - Odd NewsThursday, April 07, 2011 Police in the US say they are investigating after being called out to a man who'd been superglued to a supermarket toilet. Emergency workers attended the Maryland Walmart after a unfortunate 48-year-old man sat on a loo which had been booby-trapped by pranksters. Because teams were unable to free the man at the scene they were forced to transport him to a nearby hospital while still attached to the seat. Doctors were eventually able to prise the unnamed man from the seat though they would not reveal exactly how long it took. It's not thought the man was targeted in the stunt, but police say the pranksters could face charges of second-degree assault… if they get to the bottom of it. LINKS Elkton Police

Article iii Scrooge McDuck is wealthiest fictional character - Odd News Friday, April 08, 2011 He may not have quite as much money as Bill Gates, but Scrooge McDuck has topped the Forbes list of the wealthiest fictional characters. Each year Forbes magazine - known for their coverage of all which is wealthy and powerful - turns their eye to fictional empires. Using the same rigorous scrutiny as used when compiling their various lists of the wealth, they produced the Fictional 15, a list of the richest characters from television, film, comics and books. And it was gold coin collecting Scrooge McDuck who came top, with it being judged that he has a worth of $44 billion this year as a result of soaring gold prices. Carlisle Cullen from Twilight came second with an estimated wealth of $36.2 billion and Artemis Fowl II was third with $13.5 billion. LINKS Fictional 15

I am really getting lazy, aren't I? Well, today I began my campaign to get my book on Oprah Winfrey before she ends her show. My dream is to be the last book recommended. I am sending e-mails to her offices. Anyone of you who also send e-mails stating you want Darcy and Fitzwilliam featured will be eligible for some sort of prize to be determined later. Much later. Maybe we'll spring for travel to Chicago to be with us. Maybe not.

Where is Matthew? It's like Where's Waldo now.

Richie and I accompanied a dear friend of ours to the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa Friday. He was nervous and wanted Rich there to help him understand the next steps that would be taken. Well...Richie woke up with a swollen ankle for some reason so I had to drive the four of us - Frank and Frances, Rich and myself. When we got to Moffitt I ran for a wheelchair for Richie because he couldn't walk.

Everyone there thought Richie was the patient and were very kind to him, very sweet to me. Poor Frank had to shuffle along behind us, opening his own doors, coughing for attention. What a day.


LucyParker said...

It's not the cost of the wedding, it's the expense that dogs have become accustomed to after the wedding that's the eye-opener. I had a very elegant but modest wedding for Lucy and Parker, which was good thinking on my part because they've cost a caboodle since then.

Perhaps you're searching for MM incorrectly. May need to look for his wife. I know that I was wondering about CF, then his wife's twitters told me that she was in Africa having some indigent people there make her jewelry. CF couldn't be far away, could he? Investigate what Mrs. MM is doing, then you can ignore her once MM is found.

Hope Rich's foot is better and all my best to Frank!

Karen Wasylowski said...

I bet he has been shamed into playing Mr. Mom because she's doing all this work all of a sudden. God, man up Matthew and come out of hiding. Say hi to Lucy and Parker for me. I sent a gift.

LucyParker said...

Yeah, it's taking L&P a while to send out their thank you notes. They seem to be transposing social manners into dog years.

Google "Louder Than A Bomb" - I saw the documentary w/Jon Siskel, Siskel and Ebert's son. It's about Chicago area h.s. students and their slam poetry. I love anything that energizes youth and am looking at ways to provide opportunities like this to Tulsa area kids.