Friday, April 1, 2011



What is it about cowboys that I find so compelling. I love this video with the western paintings, the pictures of strong, silent men alone on the prairie. And Waylon Jennings, well he was one of my favorites. I saw him sing at Chicagofest on Navy Pier, decades ago. He was with his wife, Jesse Colter, an equally gifted singer. I rememeber him introducing her as that "poor, skinny, plain little woman." Of course he was joking because his wife was a knockout.

Cowboys are the one thing the British can't compete in - I've never seen a convincing Englishman act as a cowboy.

I freely admit I have gone mad on Twitter. I really liked it for a while but I have again gone overboard and follow over five hundred people now, impossible to follow a conversation with anyone I know. I just figure that the more people I follow the more likely it is that I get followers and maybe they check out my profile and maybe they look at the book.

Everything is about the book.

I actually talked to a couple of famous people, tweeted is more accurate. Jennifer Ehle tweeted me about the book and I tweeted back feeling for certain she'd say, "I want to do this as a movie." She didn't and now I have to restrain from stalking her. Then David Oakes tweeted me back, that was exciting. My last celebrity was Michael McKean - at least I think that's his name. He was Lenny on Laverne and Shirley. I commented on a picture of his wife (she actually looked like a real wife and not a prop) She was holding a lovely porcelein pan with a cake in it for his birthday. I said Happy Birthday and I want the pan. I am no longer shy apparently. He tweeted back that I couldn't have the pan because it was from their daughter. Seemed like a nice man but who knows. I used to like Martin Sheen too, but look at his son - how stable could that home have been.


LucyParker said...

Cowboys? We've got cowboys up the yingyang in my town. Cowboy art and cowboy singers, too. And pictures of Waylon with my hub, back in the day when we all went to Luckenbach, and I wore my red boots, just like Emmylou.

You are quite prolific on Twitter, it's fun to watch. So far (oh, other than you) JE is my fave. Wonder what tv show she's doing? Will she share with you? I've not checked this out but Roseanne Cash's tweets are supposed to be good, too. I really like her, and had a crush on Rodney Crowell, her ex.

My son and his friends have tickets to see Charlie Sheen's tour. I dunno why.

Anonymous said...

Very enlightening and beneficial to someone whose been out of the circuit for a long time.