Sunday, April 3, 2011


First episode was Sunday night and in my opinion it was deadly dull and I don't say that lightly. Since I went through the February from hell this year with the book I vowed to myself I would never give a bad review to anything or anyone ever again - after all, no one sets out to make a bad product.

So let's see - the sets were the most beautiful I have ever seen.
The costumes were breathtaking.

Who am I fooling? It was deadly dull - predictable. There were the requisite number of sex scenes with people talking a mile a minute while they 'indulged'. Excuse me! Why do they always do that in these series? Half the dialogue in the Tudors was during sex. I'd be slappin' the guy upside the head if he decided THAT was the time to talk. It's hard enough to get them to voice their emotions, THEN AT THAT MOMENT THEY DISCUSS POLITICS??? I don't think so.

There also seemed to be a great deal of mumbling - but that may be me, I don't know. I've noticed it's getting harder to understand these actors with my advancing age. The men weren't even that good looking. There was Cesare. I imagine he was expected to be the big heart throb of the series, especially since I heard they will kill off David Oakes sometime soon.

I could not take Cesare seriously since he reminded me of chain smoking Father Guido Sarducci from the old Saturday Night Live shows. Whatever happened to Father Guido? Remember the 'Find the Pope on the Pizza Lid' contest? I expected Cesare to have a cigarette dangling from his mouth all the time, he never buttoned his cassock and he never shaved.

And why oh why kill off your best actor - Derek Jacobi - in the first episode????? Are they nuts?



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NEW BOOK ALERT!!!! By Debra Brown

"I am very excited to be releasing my new early Victorian novel, The Companion of Lady Holmeshire, on April 5, 2011 on Amazon Kindle and soon thereafter in print. A foundling infant, grown to become the lovely servant girl, Miss Emma Carrington, has been chosen by the Countess of Holmeshire as her companion to keep her from the lonely hours of widowhood. Emma returns from London, where she had been receiving training in the arts of refinement, to the country castle home of the Lady in Northumbria. There she receives a warm welcome from her former workmates downstairs. The Countess intends to introduce this former servant girl into aristocratic society alongside herself despite much anxiety over it on the part of the former housemaid. Soon the Lady’s son, the 7th Earl of Holmeshire, who is engaged to an aristocratic London lady, returns from his travels to the Continent. How does he take to the presence of this former servant at tea? A day in the village below reveals some hint of danger to Emma; what is the source of that threat? Follow the enjoyable romantic developments and enjoy life with both the aristocrats and the servants. Join them as they travel into London for The Season and learn how Emma is received in snobbish upper class society.

See some of the harsh realities of life while visiting a poor area in Victorian London. Attend a ball along with the young Queen Victoria. Last, but not least, quite some intriguing mystery has been woven through the book; an expensive bracelet has been stolen and the identities of several people are puzzling."

I love Victorian novels, the atmosphere is wonderful for romance with all of the repression that enveloped British society with the reign of Victoria and Albert. After the wild ways of the Regency, where anything was permitted, this must have been a shock. Should be a great book. Best of wishes, Debra!


Karen Wasylowski said...


Did you really know Waylon or are you having fun with me? He was a hero a long time ago. How was the Charlie Sheen train wreck?

LucyParker said...

I'll have the hub dig out pictures of Waylon, Willie and Mickey Rafael. They're here somewhere. Hub was the country music buyer for the old Peaches record stores, back in his youth.

To bookend this music discussion, saw your Plain White T's video. My son has hung out with them in Chicago.

You, madam author, are the only famous person I know. I amaze my friends when I tell them that you follow me on Twitter. (you're my only follower.)

Karen Wasylowski said...

I am honored. Have you seen my other blob. The one attached the website? It's very grownup and pretty. I stole a whole article about Lucretia Borgia and put it there. Very pretty. This is the blob where I can rant and rave.

Karen Wasylowski said...

By the way don't you miss Father Guido? I saw how he looks now - OMG! He got old. Thank the lord I didn't.

LucyParker said...

I thought we were moving to the fancy place - Rosings? It's ok if we stay here, as I'm happy to be part of the ranting blob - more Longbourn. Are you just saying "blob" to see if I'm paying attention?

Father Guido got old? It must be the cigarettes and lackanookie that age priests. A kid who used to live down the street when he was 10 told me last week that I haven't changed at all. I've seen those pictures of me from back then; this was no compliment.

I've been watching RA in "Robin Hood" while on the treadmill. It's kinda like running toward him, but he's elusive. Just like MM.

Karen Wasylowski said...

What a wonderful idea. About RA I mean. I saw him last night on MI-5 and have to say, not really getting the RA vibe in a big way. Did you see CF in The Portrait of Dorian Grey. It was on TV yesterday - never head of the movie before - it was made in 2009. He was very very good, of course. I have to put the link to the new blig here (are you paying attention) Richie checked out Amazon UK and I have two 5 star reviews. IN THE MOTHER LAND!!!! So excited I could plotz.

LucyParker said...

Ooh, pretty new background, I saw it from my laptop tabs, nice and springy looking, and came to check it out. I thought for a moment that you had transferred us to your new blig, Rosings.

I'm enjoying Robin Hood. It's violent, but kind of campy with modern euphemisms, very poor plots. RA is obviously the baddie, but he's so intense with his kohled eyes that I can't look away. He's a low talker so I've lost my balance twice leaning forward to hear what he's saying, even with earbuds. Don't blame RA, I have no natural grace.

5 UK stars! When is the European tour? I'll be happy to be your lackey.