Thursday, April 12, 2012



Well, we did it.  We evicted our tenant today.  We thought that with two months warning, with two 3 day notices, a warning from the court, a writ of possession and a 24 hour notice to evict she would have taken us seriously, but I guess she didn't

She was still there.

After two months of not answering her cell phone, not answering text messages (unless threatened with the police) of countless assurances that she needed just one more day, two at the most, she was just sitting in her living room - a living room which was still as full of junk and garbage as the last time we were there.

Here's what happened.  Two police officers met us there at nine in the morning and said she was inside and had told them to wait.  So, when Rich and I arrived the officer knocked on the door, Toni again said to wait - but he didn't - he opened the door and we walked in.  She was barefoot, sitting in a chair, smoking her fifth pack of cigarettes and watching television. She said to me, "I'm going to be picked up by the medical bus around noonish to go for my physical therapy but I do have people coming today to buy the TV and the bedroom set. Karen, I have no where to go until Sunday, but I swear Sunday I have a place lined up."

I said, "Toni you've told me that every week for two months."  Then she started to cry that she was homeless and what about her cat, what was she going to do with her cat...  It was a nightmare.

And I almost caved again.  She looked so little and helpless and, oh, remember the best part - she's five months pregnant now.  I opened my mouth to speak and the officer with me immediately cut in.

First he asked her to put out her cigarette and turn off the television.  Then he said, "Ma'am, if these people allow you to stay, then they will have to go through the eviction process from the beginning again, and incur the same amount of expenses ($400).   I can assure you, they do not want to do that.  You'll have to leave." Eventually I had to leave because she was becoming hysterical.

I asked about her mother (who lives near us in a big house) "My mother is not home".  I think her mother, who raised Toni's other daughter, is a bit terrified that she'll have another seventeen years raising this newborn.  I asked about her sisters, her friends.  "I have no friends," she squealed, yet two weeks ago, when we were told yet again that she would be out by the afternoon. she was being dropped off by a woman about her age and she was walking and texting, happy as a clam, didn't see us until I walked right up to her.  She told me, no problem.  The truck is coming tonight.

The officer told Rich to go ahead and change the lock on the door while she was gathering her stuff and screaming  (she was screaming, not the officer).  That officer was very kind, he took pity on us and put the new doorknobs in himself. I'm sure he wanted to get out of there.

Well, when we left, she was sitting outside the building, alone on the curb, texting someone I suppose.  I feel like dirt.  But why did she never return my texts, my calls?  We could have worked something out but I just don't believe anything she says anymore, she never was straight with us from day one.

Next we have to hire people to remove her possessions, which are still in the condo, and put them out on the curb.  I dread this, I hate it, I feel bad, and I hope I never have to do this again..

Mostly, I worry about that baby she's carrying.  How will she take care of an infant when she can't care for herself?


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