Saturday, April 14, 2012


As I sit here in my restraints, locked within my little computer cage, I can hear the snorts and laughter coming from our family room.  It is Saturday morning and my husband, Richie, is watching The Three Stooges.  What is it with men and The Three Stooges?  Richie is normally the gentlest, kindest, most compassionate man I have ever met - until The Three Stooges.  He's out there recycling cereal milk through his nose because Curly just got a jackhammer shoved up his.

(Not really the condo - but close enough)

I've been venting about our Tenant from Hell and how we finally had to evict her Thursday.  This is getting very expensive.  Not only have we missed out on two months rent, but the cost the eviction came to $400. The condo is still filled with garbage (I suspect she was never planning to leave, no matter how many times she told me she'd be gone in two days)  We have to hire people to dump all of her things.  That will cost $200.  I texted her and told her when they'd be there so maybe she can salvage something.  I mean she left her curling iron, clothes, makeup, shoes, a laundry room piled to the roof - not to mention her poor cat!  We found that thing huddled by the door screaming to get inside, so we let her in; she's already pooped all over the bedroom carpet, so what the hell.  I'll take her to a no kill shelter on Monday.

New carpeting is needed because the old one is worn, filthy and - full of cat poop.  We were told $900 but I can't believe it will be that little.  The walls have to be washed, primed and painted too (cigarette smoke smell in there is enough to gag you)  Painting the condo will be $1400.

And a new dishwasher too - the old one was broken and we never were told.  Thats $700.

I need a cookie.


Found this great Youtube for Mr. Darcy, Matthew Macfadyen.  Happy Weekend everyone!

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