Thursday, January 20, 2011

Live Chat for Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey on Masterpiece Theater is doing a live chat with Dan Stevens on Monday, January 24. Go to if you want a reminder. I have enjoyed the second episode much more than the first, probably because I am becoming more familiar with the characters. My favorites are the new valet with the limp, I already forgot his name. He's Laura's 'Par' from Lark Rise to Candleford and I love that series too. Does anyone know how many episodes are in this first series?

The actor playing the new chauffeur in DA was in Rome - had a major part as Augustus' right arm Agrippa, so, I figure he'll have a major part in this too eventually. I found this preview for him and the youngest daughter.

A dear friend of mine is such a fan of Dan Stevens that she offered to set up his Facebook page for him and she maintains it. He seems very nice, they tweet back and forth. Of course she says he tweets so much to everyone that she has to turn it off sometimes.
And now for Lucy and the Firth ladies...


LucyParker said...

Did you know that Scarlett Jo is one of my degrees to Colin? Yup - take notes here - my son toured with the guy who was Scarlett's boyfriend while she was making Girl with a Pearl Earring with Colin. Me to Colin in 5 easy steps.

Re: your Colin videos. There's been an awful lot of women who've been kissing him, hasn't there? Even some got to rub on his nakedness. He's quite the cinema slut.

Finished "Darcy and Fitzwilliam" today. Too wonderful for words. I am in awe. Truly.

Karen Wasylowski said...

Hallelujah!!! You had me going girl today - you didn't comment on Colin in naked kissing mode!!!