Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The books are walking among you - beware

I have heard from several people that they've received the dreaded books. Good gravy this is scarey. One FB friend said she took it to the dinner table to glance at the Prologue and realized she was on Chapter eleven before she knew it and her dinner was cold. Best compliment I have ever received.

Colin Firth was twelve years old when this scene was filmed. Look at the hair this guy has - unbelievable. Odd thing in his old movies is that he doesn't seem to have eyebrows. He must have to color them or something. I had to answer some questions for the blog tour I am doing in February and one of the questions was:

Colin Firth or Matthew Macfadyen?

Funny how nothing else was needed. I answered that wars have been started with that question and that I thought they were both beautiful. I have listed the blog tour sites and dates on my website and now I have to twitter.

I am beginning to hate this woman married to Colin Firth. She's giving me a complex. You say she has a doctorate and a line of products and other things going on. Can't settle on a career can she. Pretty shallow. Just kidding. I hate her. Lucy should have ended up with Colin, we all know this.

I love watching Matthew in this movie, he is such a rat. The Way We Live Now. He is such an amazing actor. His expressions are priceless and he plays drunk better than anyone.

I hope you all like the book. All ten of you. No one is allowed to quit this blog so don't try it. Now the book is very thick, but the original was nearly twice and long. My editor told me I was rambling and she was right. OMG this horrible, this waiting.


Elsina said...

Colin Firth for sure! You are too funny :)) Wasn't he cute when he was 12? hehehe

Karen Wasylowski said...

Makes me want to go into elementary school teaching.

LucyParker said...

Oh my gawd! Could you keep that kissing Colin blurb up forever? It's as close as I'm gonna get to his lips, or any other part of him. His wife, whose name sends you into a tizzy, wears a t-shirt that says "She died of kisses." Does she have to rub it in?

I take no insult to Colin that you have noticed that his eyebrows change color. So does his hair, and the thickness of it. And now he's getting a bit of a jowl. It all adds, rather than detracts, from his swoonworthyness. Yes, he should have been mine.

Hope your blog tour is going off well. And real book signings, too! If you ever come to middle US I will drive to you and get my book signed. With the diplomacy you've displayed in your interview questions (they are in-depth worldly issues) you will do very well at a real event.