Monday, January 24, 2011

Book Signings Coming UP

I wonder if I was too eager to sign up for these books signings. We are going to Savannah for our very first book signing. My sister in all but fact, Fay I shall not reveal her name again, is flying in for the Friday night Barnes and Nobel. There will be media there I am certain and the lines will be out the door - for Regina Jeffers. Now I look on the net for book signings and find out they don't do much for sales, but they do get your name out there I suppose.

I was told I should buy bookmarks or business cards so I ordered cards over the internet and they were pathetic - little things that were illegible. Besides, why do I need those? I only have one little book out there, I don't have a dozen more on my website to sell so why direct people there. Maybe I should use the money for the cards and the bookmarks for newspaper ads. USA Today or something. Give me ideas people, we are in this together. Help, I am an accountant. I am out of my depth here.

I received ten free copies of the book and my brother wants one. I'll give him a good deal of course...

Downton Abbey was a bit disappointing last night I thought. It did nothing to move the story along. Bates and Anna are still gaping at each other, Matthew and Mary can't seem to get it together and the chauffeur was pressing his nose against the window gazing at the youngest - what's her name, Sybil? We want more action. My Deepok Shamoods or whatever his name was. I love this show.
Here is my fate...

I look a little like him too.


LucyParker said...

Obviously you need a Youtube video of you signing books and walking into a fountain, or something, to gain attention these days.

Bookplates, dear, instead of business cards. Pick some clever bon mot , perhaps from Lady C (not "I could have been a proficient.") to have printed on them, that way you don't have to sign your name so big. Then have your family keep circling in line so that it looks as if you have a crowd. I've been in these lines, I see how it works. Nobody wants to be first in line at an empty table. Spike your coffee if that'll make you see more faces. If all else fails, switch name tags with Regina.

Absolutely love the top photo of MM and his blooming smile. xo

Karen Wasylowski said...
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Kaydee said...

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