Sunday, January 30, 2011

North and South

Well I don't know how long I just spent watching the entire English version of North and South. I had never heard of it before all these Austen websites, had never heard of Richard Armitage before either but I think he is as popular as Colin Firth or Matthew Macfadyen with the Austen ladies.

I am so ignorant that I expected a remake of the American North and South of seven hundred years ago staring Patrick Swayze with a bad southern accent. I dreaded watching this English version expecting even worse southern accents. I thought it was about the Civil War. Well, it wasn't.

It was very, very good but so depressing. My goodness the cotton floating everywhere and the little children scraping the floors of the factory. But the most important thing was to see Richard Armitage. After watching the entire fifteen final episodes of the Vicar of Dibley just to see her marry him it was good to see what everyone is swooning over. By the way, Keeley Hawes was in Vicar of Dibley as his sister. I hardly recognized her she looked so different. She was gorgeous, but weren't we all a few years back.

Anyway, back to Richard. He's very appealing, very masculine and has a very magnetic presence. He doesn't drive me wild though, but attraction is a very strange thing. No two people seem to see the same thing when they look at someone. All that said, I think he'd make a great Mr. Rochester. I was disappointed that he and -I already forgot the poor girls - name did not get together sooner than the last two minutes of the whole stupid series. But it was good, really good. Glad I saw it.

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