Monday, January 31, 2011

February 1, 2011

Tuesday, February 1, 2011 is the day I have waited for for sixteen months. We were in the Georgia mountains and had been searching for a cafe or library that we could get internet connection at, there was none at the ramshackle cabin we were renting. We finally found the Aviator Cafe of all places, smack in the middle of little Blairsville so I sat down and Dick went to get our coffee.

When I opened the e-mails I was confused. Deb Werksman from Soucebooks had e-mailed the a few days before and said they would publish Darcy and Fiztwilliam but it took a while for the message to sink in - and then I began to bounce up and down. She said her list was all locked in for 2010 so the first available was Spring 2011. I had no idea how very long sixteen months can be.

I am first and foremost an idiot. I go overboard with everything, this book being a perfect example. I am hyperventilating and sick to my stomach with worry. The other people at Austen Authors have a lot of books they've published, and to tell you the truth, I don't think I've read any of them. I am all obsessed with mine and mine alone. Well, tomorrow will tell. We'll get up early - thats about noon for the rest of the world - and drive to the Books-a-million in town and see if it's anywhere in the building tomorrow.

I'm supposed to be starting a blog tour today with a post on Laura's Reviews but so far nothing is posted. Great start to my illustrious career. Wish me luck please. Tomorrow is another day.


LucyParker said...

Break a leg, or a book spine, or whatever is appropriate to AUTHORS!

And, if it helps, I've read all those other author's books. Yours is better. (Just joking, if any AuAu's are reading. They could be a mean crew to have angry.)

HAPPY FEBRUARY 1ST! xo,Terry, Lucy&Parker

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