Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Marilyn Monroe, Sarah Brightman and Colin Firth

Marilyn Monroe - Gentleman Prefer Blondes

One of the best things about this blog is that I can, obviously, present all the things that I have enjoyed over the years. I see Madonna or her illegitimate offspring, Lady Gaga and I remember a blonde that was popular when I was very young. Maybe this is typical as you grow older but even now I think there is no blonde who can compare to Marilyn Monroe.

I wasn't always a fan. It was not until much later when I looked at her old movies that I appreciated how incredibly talented she was, how breathtakingly beautiful. This is one of my favoriate moments in the movies. I love the line, "stiff backed or stiff kneed, you stand straight at Tiffany's!"

Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend (amen to that)

Sarah Brightman - Figlio Perduto

At the end of The King's Speech as he is walking out of the room where he finally made his broadcast this song was playing in the background and I began to cry. It is Sarah Brightman's best song ever, Beethoven, the story about a little boy begging his father to save him as they ride through a dark spooky forest at night. The evil fairy is after the boy but his father doesn't seem to hear the child begging him for protection. That's why I cried and why it was so very apropos at the end of that movie after you hear how cold the King's father was and how he had taunted the little boy instead of helping him. I could still cry.

The Wedding Entrance

I am probably old enough to be a grandparent to these kids but I could so totally see myself going down that aisle with them - too cool. I love the bride's entrance and the chubby groomsmen. Really love to watch this.

Hope they are still married.


LucyParker said...

You are a champion of the heart, as evidenced by each of your topics today. I like that about you!

Karen Wasylowski said...

You are just crazy like I am.