Sunday, February 27, 2011


Joe Wright, the director for the 2005 Pride and Prejudice movie will now do Anna Karenina with Kiera Knightley in the lead role. I hope she can pull it off and I hope he doesn't just drool over her like he did in Pride and Prejudice. I have my fantasy cast for this too and I've been posting it all over the place - Kiera as Anna, Matthew Macfadyen as Vronsky and Colin Firth as Karenin. Her husband was twenty years older than her - I think - so Colin would be perfect for that and, of course, Matthew is just perfect. And I love period movies and would rather see them both in this than The Promised Land which sounds depressing as hell (must have been written by a man). Of course, Anna K is no walk in the park either.


While I was writing over those long four years this song would play every day at Subway and it got embedded into my head and I would think of it often. Especially during the Epilogue. I pictured it like the end of a movie with the carriages coming down the Pemberley drive carrying children and grand children and Darcy and Fitz walking down the stairs to greet them, their wives coming out and the camera panning upward and overhead taking in a larger and larger shot. I wonder if anyone else writes like they are watching a movie.


I saw this video on twitter and just had to share it. I am certain there is a Darcy and Fitzwilliam review in this pile somewhere.

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