Sunday, February 27, 2011


I have gone past obsession about the book. No kidding I can hear you say. Well, somewhere in the murky corners of my brain I have decided that if I don't promote this book constantly it will be forgotten. So, I am getting some information together to see what I can do since I don't think Sourcebooks is working overly hard to promote my little book. I wasn't even approached by our little local newspaper; as if this town produced novels by the thousands. We were volunteering at the thrift shop Saturday and I spoke to a lady about the book and I was complaining that the papers had ignored it - she said she'll call them and complain. I hope she does.

Later we went to Subway for lunch and it was jammed. Two very wealthy looking older women entered (obviously their first time in a subway) with an older gentleman. He immediately began joking with my husband and my husband, being the person he is (he loves talking to anyone, especially strangers) had the man laughing. Then Richie told him, "my wife wrote a book." They all swarmed around me like I was Helena Bonham Carter (heh,heh)

They live on Long Boat Key (very, very rich evidently) and also in Connecticut (will you adopt me sir) The wife was so charming and bubbly. She grabbed my card and said, "I heard about this book!" I said, panicked, "No you didn't. It just came out." She said, "yes, I heard about it in New York." I told her how the Janeites were dissing it and she nodded and mumbled about knowing that. She kept saying, "I heard something about this book." Now I was hysterical. "Was it bad?" I am nothing if not consistent. I can annoy anyone with my whining. She said, "No, no, no. But I read about this." Anyway, she was going to get the book on Kindle and she was so excited for me. What a nice lady.

Her sister was with her and she looked like Dina Merrill on a good day - dripping with money and east coast elegance. The husband was very funny - looked and sounded like Henny Youngman. They were all in their eighties but moved around like they were in their forties. So I am daydreaming that they go back to New York and make the book into a play. It could happen. Oh be quiet.

I'm selling the book, one at a time. Fuller brush books.


Lucy - watched Love Naturally last night with CF. Love that Christmas song and he was beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Talk about a smile.


LucyParker said...

I'm still on an Oscar high - Colin won an Oscar! And his speech was practiced, yet emotional, loved it. He's a great looking man, jowls and grey hair and all. His wife looked great, too. Had on a dress that fit her, but her slouchy posture makes her tummy bulge, or she's preggers. You can see everyone dressing her on her Vogue blog.

Why don't you have a Vogue blog? It appears from the above Subway adventure your readership consists of Vogue-ites. Oh, and there's me at the other end of the spectrum, the one who reads You encompass a wide range of style and taste in your demographics. Does Sourcebooks know this?

Happy Monday!

Karen Wasylowski said...

I think Colin was nervous - it is a miracle to me that he could stand at all after what he's been through and the stress of that looooonnnngggg evening. He looked mahvelous! But I only saw mrs. Colin from profile and her dress was not so much from that angle. I'll have to check Joan Rivers that icon of good taste and see what she said.

Karen Wasylowski said...

i don't think Sourcebooks thinks of me at all.