Monday, February 28, 2011


The three stages of Hunkdom...

After fifty years I have finally solved the quandry of the Academy Awards. Just tune in the last half hour. Except for the gowns, there is really nothing else of interest any way, they have never been able to make this show interesting, only longer and bigger and uncut (sounds vaguely obscene)

Colin was a wreck. Imagine sitting there throughout that babbling inanity with the big question of the night being are you going to win as expected or become the evening's big embarassment. He did splendidly. I can't help but like these Englishmen, they know how to behave in public, and especially how to dress.

Helena Bonham Carter should be sedated.

Did not care for Mrs. Colin's dress but she never asked my opinion so...

What is with Geoffrey Rush's hair, anyway? Is he ill? Is it for a part? He is one of those people better off in a role than in person.

For the rest of the evening we watched the end of Any Human Heart and it was magnificent. I cried and cried at the end, just like I cried when I finished the book. I even liked Kim Cattrall in this and that takes a lot for me. The whole series really suffered from being placed after the great Downton Abbey series. AHH is such a serious, depressing piece (men writers, I tell you they kill you every time.)

Did you know that the nickname "Oscar" is for Bette Davis' uncle. First time she saw the statue she said it looked like her uncle. Oh, you knew that. Why didn't you stop me then...

Galliano was represented by several dresses. I am certain the actresses did not know about his anti-semitic rants. Cate Blanchette, Nicole Kidman, Natalie isn't she adorable Portman.

Sharon Stone looked like she had turned into a vampire or had superpower in her eyes. Very disturbing looking woman.

Bill Crystal - I love him but no more botox for that boy.

Colin said he was going to cook for a while. I know several woman who would like to taste...

Anne Hathaway is darling but not a good choice for hostess. I have no idea who the other guy was. He looked like my sister in law's sister's son. The odds are against that though.

I have read that there is an art to walking down the red carpet, especially for a woman in a gown. I like his wife - she seems very normal - gorgeous and skinny, but normal.


LucyParker said...

I wrote you a comment earlier and it's evaporated, not here. I came back to see your Colin clip again. He really is a dreamboat (channeling my mother) very old Hollywood, almost Cary Grant classy. Then there's his wife, she of the bad posture or expectant child, who tweeted about her hangover the next morning. What the hell does she care, she can do what she wants, she's got Colin...

Yes, please, I'd like a taste of CF. I'll bring my own spoon. And my bib.

Don't know if you want to look at this or not. It's my friend Dan's blog about the Oscars. Dan's not for everyone, but he got it right this time.

I haven't seen the end of AHH, but you've already got me crying. Maybe I want to read the book before I see the ending. Getting psyched for a really big cry.

LucyParker said...

Just realized that I'm hitting the Preview tab, not the Post tab. Pilot error on this posting business.

Karen Wasylowski said...

I loved bizzarro blog and have added it to my list. Also pioneer woman and vogue. I am trending

LucyParker said...

Going to a reception next week for PW. Hope she brings Charlie, or Marlboro Man. Either one. The Drummond ranch is kind of Oklahoma's answer to Dallas' Southfork, so she's not really roughing it, but I admire her for pretending. And she knows how to do self-promotion, dangles her gorgeous husband and cute kids to catch our eye. Don't mean to sound cynical, but I think she's got my life. She or Livia Firth.

Dan Piraro is from my town, worked for my husband way, way back. He's a famed alumni of my son's magnet high school, so I'd bring him to town to do his comedy show when I was raising school funds. He's so far to the left in his views that he can be offensive, so I always warn people. Anyway, he married Ashley, who is the daughter of the Alley Oop guy, or some other caveman comic, I forget. She works for a Peta-like org. so she and Dan's mother have disagreements at the annual family bbq. I'm sure she loves it when Dan drags her butt to his hometown. I thought his Oscar blog was hilarious. Now you know where I get my wit: PW & Bizarro. I'm somewhere in between.

LucyParker said...

Hagar the Horrible, that's Ashley-Dan's wife- father's comic. It was really bugging me, as she would have definitely corrected me if I got it wrong. Never say I don't admit when I'm wrong.

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