Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bits and Pieces and Richard Armitage in The Hobbit

A CBS reporter was attacked, beaten and raped by the jubilant crowd when the Egyptian president stepped down. I cannot imagine what a horror that was for the woman who was eventually saved by a group of women and the soldiers.

I have just returned home from the hospital to visit a dear friend of mine - Sr. Nora Brick, called the Mother Theresa of Bradenton. An 82 year old Franciscan nun who has spent her adult life teaching underprivileged children, feeding the poor and helping the migrants survive the ghastly conditions they live in, was beaten bloody in her poor little trailer last evening. How anyone could attack one of the few people I can honestly say is a living saint is baffling to me. I pray for the man and hope to heaven the police find him before the migrants do. I was speaking to two of her fellow sisters who were looking over her at the hospital. One of them told me she had such an overwhelming feeling about Nora last week and announced that they had to come and visit her. They are from the mother house in Boston, these two sisters are the big bosses there, the Provincials. Anyway, they arrived on Sunday night and saw the man stalking sister. They will take her back with them and force her to retire. It's time.

This looks like it will be wonderful. I loved the Hobbit, even more than Lord of the Rings because I couldn't really make sense of LOTR. I came across a trailer for the movie with an incredibly good looking Richard Armitage. Maria Grazia where have I been? You were right all along. Very spiffy looking gent.

GUEST BLOG - Jennifer Becton
I did a guest blog about Mrs. Maria Fitzherbert, a character in my book, Darcy and Fitzwiliam, who was a real life person. She fascinated me.

Yet another guest blog. I have run out of things to write about. Besides I had a colonoscopy today and I don't feel too peppy. Yesterday was straight from hell.

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