Monday, August 8, 2011


It happens without warning, a good kitten turns to catnip and a life of street walking at night.  They look so innocent with those velvet paws and mysterious purring sounds.  Then one night when you least expect it....(Psycho music)

Looks harmless doesn't she, normal, soft cuddly.  Our first cat was a black and white tom.  For six years we were unaware of his presence in the house until he strolled in one day and tried to kill me by wrapping himself around my feet. 

Then one day, after he had lured us all into obeying his every whim, running when he called, even cleaning his litter box three times a day so he wouldn't  give me that stare - you know that stare don't you - he took off down the street in our lawn tractor.  Word has it he's working bar now at a cowboy saloon in Palmetto, but I digress...

God I miss my cat!!!   Aren't they the greatest things??  For every man who says he doesn't like cats there is a woman who will defend them, insist they are more affectionate, smarter and cleaner than any dog (and, actually they are).  I mean, I adore dogs; but, I have had dogs that are dumber than blocks of wood.  Great companions, but not good with conversation.  Now with a cat you can discuss, with a dog you must instruct.  We'll just have to get another cat.

We had our cat Poncho for about sixteen years and when he became ill last year we began the endless vet visits but it wasn't until a few weeks ago that they found the tumors.  He had wasted away to almost nothing by that time and I still feel guilty that he suffered for so long.  I miss him so much right now. 

Our new dog Darcy has helped, for sure, and I think we may have found Fitzwilliam.  We took Darcy to the vets the other day and a woman was there with a tiny puppy that was sick.  She was a doggie foster family and the puppy's mother had been a dog for which they were caring.  When the pups were born they found homes for them but her neightbor moved without telling her and gave the pup to someone else, someone who changed his/her mind and threw the pup out.  Rat Bastard.  So now the puppy is sick with fever and scared.  I took the woman's card and said when we return from Chicago at the end of September, if the pup is not adopted, we'll take him. 

And we will definitely get another cat.


Kaydee said...

Karen, thankfully there are kind people like you who are there to adopt an animal.

I had a kitten show up on my doorstep about a month ago and I could not keep him becuase of my apt rules of 2 cats only, but I couldn't take him to the pound. So, I took the cat to my parents and wore them down. Harley is now a happy 3month old kitten who has been de-fleaed and purrs non stop.

Can't wait to meet Fitzwilliam. :)

Karen Wasylowski said...

Oh God bless - I love all animals and the sight of that little puppy shivering with fever just broke my heart. The foster lady was very gentle and I hope he's still there when we get home. He was a beauty but I have no idean what kind of dog he was

C. Allyn Pierson said...

I like both species, but I had to find homes for my cats- they had too much of an effect on my allergies. :-( Probably exchanging them for a 150 dog was not the most intelligent move......