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An excerpt from Georgiana's story

Time was dragging by slowly.  Pacing back and forth she wondered if she would see him that day.  It had been six days since their secret wedding and six days since she had been briefly alone with him, still a bride in name only.  Soon his ship would sail and she was already feeling the longing ache of missing him.  Seven months he would be gone from her and seven months may as well be an eternity when you are nineteen.  She heard a tap, something hitting her window causing her to look up briefly, but her mind had moved onto new worries:  her curtsey.  Heaven forfend but her curtsey had to be knee to floor, graceful and fluid, whatever that meant.  She resumed her practice. 
“Knee to the floor, knee to the floor, knee to the floor…,” she repeated the phrase aloud, over and over, until she had reached the acceptable bowing position, her arms gracefully loose at her sides.  Ah, well that wasn’t so difficult, not really.  She was very pleased with herself.
Next, she attempted the required graceful and fluid rise back up.  “Can’t get up, can’t get up, can’t get up…” She began to pant.  She panicked.  She was stuck.  How in the name of St. Timothy’s shin bone was she supposed to stand back up?   The muscles behind her legs screamed at her as she made one or two attempts.  Nothing.  She became frozen with fear.  Immobile.  Stationary .  Suddenly another, larger, noise – a stone cracked against the window frightening her back to her senses.  She toppled back onto her bottom, her feet shooting out from beneath her.  
Like a cockroach on its back her little arms and legs began to windmill about wildly, searching for purchase.  The worse was yet to come.  Unexpectedly, her breasts popped out from her low cut bodice.  Oh no!  She whimpered and quickly stuffed them back within her gown, “Oh sweet mother of God!”  What if that occurred before the monarch!  “I’ll kill myself, see if I don’t.  Yes.  Definitely.  I’ll kill myself.”
That was when a small brick crashed into the window frame.  Somehow rolling onto her knees, she staggered about until she eventually got to her feet, then she ran to the window and peered down.  It was him!  Her own sweet Beverly was standing in the bulrushes surrounding the pond beneath her window, straddling a fallen tree trunk.  “My love,” she was teary-eyed, pressing her cheek against the glass.  Seeing her there he began to wave wildly, threw her kisses, then motioned for her to come down, into the garden, meet him. 
She ran sideways down the stairs, weaving her way through the servants who where streaming upstairs and down with furniture and candles and hundreds of other unidentifiable things, yelping and dodging her as she passed.  All was in chaos, everyone busily preparing the great hall for the following day’s Ball.  She nodded her appreciation to one and all, trying not to break into a gallop.  Finally she reached the downstairs door, opened it, slipped outside and jumped into his arms.
“Oh my darling,” he whispered into her ear.  “Are you as undone as I?”  She nodded into his neck then quickly smothered his mouth with her kisses. 
“Perhaps getting married wasn’t the best idea.  All I can think of now is what we are missing.”  He crushed her closer to him and kissed her nonsensical for a few minutes.  “Do you have some time now?  Can we go somewhere to speak ?  Anywhere?  To speak dearest, I swear.  Just to speak.”  He looked so wretched that her heart swelled with desire and love for him. 
Truthfully though, he could have looked like a tomato and her heart would have swelled with desire and love for him.
“Yes, please.  I would dearly love a good conversation right now.”  Grabbing his hand she dragged him through the rear vegetable gardens to the recesses of the property, back into a section of storage sheds.  Knowing the floor would dirty the hem of her gown Ashcroft stopped her from entering then removed his coat, placing it on the ground for her to stand upon.  After a quick glimpse around them they entered the shed and closed the door behind them.  It would have taken only a moment for their eyes to adjust to the light, but in that moment they were already in another world of senses and emotions. 
“God, Georgie.  I want you so badly.”  Giving way to the madness that was overwhelming him, he crushed her to his chest and Georgiana forgot about her gown and her feather and anything else that had been important to her for the last nineteen years. 
His hands were everywhere, one finally finding her breast and cupping it above the masses of brocade and ornate beading.  Then, with amazingly little exertion on his part, the keen little mounds popped out.  It was so easily accomplished that he moaned and then she moaned, and there was so much moaning that neither of them heard the faint sound of her brother as he spoke to the gardener outside in the distance.   All they were aware of were their hands roaming and their mouths kissing and their tongues caressing.  The sweet excitement of arousal was building within each of them and somehow making them both completely deaf.

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