Friday, August 26, 2011


 This is a tough one because I find the older I get the more people really turn me off.  I am becoming a recluse in my advancing years so


Okay, here we go...people who turn me off.

10. Donald Trump

9.  Any woman over sixty who still smokes, wears short shorts and heeled sandals

8.  Any man over fifty who has more hair than I do (except on the chest)

7.  Anyone who mistreats animals

6.  The French (not really.  Don't bomb me or anything)

5.  (in order)  Rush Limbaugh/Ann Coulter/Bill Maher/Glen Beck/

4.  Anyone who tells me Jesus lays something on their heart.  Jesus is busy.  Quit bothering him.  He's given you brains, opportunity and talents.  USE THEM

3.  People who talk on cell phones when sitting at the next booth at Subway or McDonalds.  STOP IT.

(Anthony Hopkins - how could you?)

2.  Any actor, any movie maker with a film coming out that bastardized a classic book, made a film about a comic strip person, used drop kicking a dog as a visual comedic moment, or included poop and fart jokes anywhere.


Debbie Brown said...

I'm sure this is the post of the day.

Sandy said...

LOL! Love them all except I would have had Donald Trump at about a 2 or 3! I guess I'm like Lizzy can't compensate for some things...and this is a prime example.

Thanks Karen!

Amberr Meadows said...

I agree with almost the entire list--especially Trump. He's such an asshole. Loved the post!

LucyParker said...

Great list, spot on! I think your #4 would have been my #2, as I live in the buckle of the Bible belt where Big J is used in any way profitable.

Your #1 and my #1 are the same. *grins*

Karen Wasylowski said...

I'm keeping my eye on you Parker! You're getting a lot of demerits! I just may have Colin throw you over for Sandy Cook

JANU said...

This is funny....loved this post.

LucyParker said...
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Shaeeza said...

very funny and so true!! pleased to be on the blog tour with you. Great list.

Corinne Rodrigues said...

Oh my goodness, I loved this, Karen. Absolutely brilliant. I must confess I liked the 'Jesus laid it on my heart' bit the most...Poor Jesus,indeed. I'm sharing this.

maisiebird said...

I absolutely loved this post Karen, so glad that "mad as a box of frogs" fans aren't on your list and that I am safe for the time being! LOL!
I have to agree with most of your list!

Shelley Workinger said...

Oh, Karen - you make me laugh :) This is just what I needed during my break from hurricane-prep! Anthony Hopkins, what WERE you thinking? Did you get bad advice from Samuel "Snakes on a Plane" Jackson? (And yes, I watched that, because I thought, "It's SAMUEL JACKSON, he wouldn't do something terrible. Shame on both of us.)

MarySimonsen said...

Very funny, Karen. But I would have had Trump must farther up the line. I also don't like face piercings. There is a woman who works at a used book store who has little tusks coming out of her nose. I can't look at her. Also, kissing in movies where they inch up to each other. The kiss in Sally Hawkins'and Penry-Jones' Persuasion got my stomach to churning. Now that I'm nearly 60, I know why older people are always so ticked off.

Karen Wasylowski said...

Oh Mary, that is so true. I hate those inching forward kisses. Makes you want to just slammed there heads together and yell "get it over with already"

Anonymous said...

Karen, You crack me up, and I don't say that to just anyone. :D

Glad I was still in my PJs.

And my gosh Trump looks ancient.