Thursday, August 25, 2011



Setting - Meryton Memorial Hospital.  In our first episode a very toothy Caroline Bingley has returned to link up (literally) with Dr. George Wickham, amateur gynecologist turned professional.  Will Caroline  use George to avenge herself on Lizzy?  Will Charlotte Lucas, Proctologist to the Stars be discovered as one of Wickham's secret conquests?  Who else from Jane Austen World will arrive?  Tune in Sunday (or maybe Monday if I'm really lazy) and discovered the truth...If you can handle the truth..for



I have some new pictures of my darlng Darcy to share. 

How can anyone be cruel to any animal, let alone a sweetheart like Darcy?  We are still discovering her fears.  Early on we realized we can't yell at her because it truly terrifies her.  The other day I got upset with her because I had to go outside with her leash to bring her in the house (she loves running full speed around the yard).  When I came in I was so aggravated I dropped the heavy handle for the retractable leash so that I could close the slider behind us - not on purpose, but I was grumbling - the leash handle hit her behind.  She ran into a corner and that damn leash handle kept slapping at her legs as she moved.  She looked devastated, like I'd suddenly turned into a monster.  I cried harder than she did.  She ended up comforting me.

Then a few nights ago I was dancing and singing to her and she was dancing too, jumping up and down with joy (there is not another soul on earth that has that reaction to my singing.  I love my little angel.)  she is the most exuberrant dog!  She leapt for me and I sidestepped her by reflex - she fell hard, slammed her body onto the tiled kitchen floor.  Again she looked at me as if I had kicked her in her side.  She scurried into the corner with her little butt tucked under, whimpering and crying.  Oh my God - she just breaks my heart sometimes. 

But, these traumas are happening less and less frequently.  I think she's coming out of the past - slowly.  She is even beginning to trust that we won't hurt her if she misbehaves.  There is nothing material in this house worth her suffering fear over.  Nothing. She is one of the best dogs we've ever had. 

Please everyone, if you want to get a dog, go to the Humane Society for one, don't pay $800 or $1000 for a dog!!!  That is just crazy talk, sorry.  A dog is a dog, it's not a status symbol.  You can't dangle it from your ears or drive it. 

Get a shelter dog, you will never never regret it. 


LucyParker said...

Lucy and Parker give this blog 8 paws up - please scratch their bellies.

Lucy, at 14, is arthritic and can't get on the furniture any more, which in another life would have made me happy. Not now, I miss her next to me. So the simple answer it to lay on the floor with her. Her sighs when I do this fill my heart. She's perfect.

Karen Wasylowski said...

You are a person after my own heart. I remember those days as the animal you love with all your heart moves on without you. For a few months there we had a perfectly clean house - no fur. I hated it. Kiss Lucy for me.