Saturday, March 24, 2012


She's still there.  My renter is still in the condo.  She won't leave.  Oh, she says she's going to leave.  Today she said it would be this afternoon at about 5:00 p.m. so we're going to sneak over there and see if she's gone.  You know she had her court date on Thursday.  That was the day she was supposed to be taken away to jail and God forgive me but I was ready to celebrate, run through the yard with scissors, jump into the swimming pool when it's only 80 degrees, eat meat.  Nothing is too wild for me when I'm happy.

But she didn't go  I wonder if she told the judge about her slipped disc and her infected tooth and her gestation period of over twelve weeks now and of her car accident with the little old lady and her flat feet and her swollen feet and her..

She must have cause she's not in jail.  (It's nice to know that a respected judge in our community is as big a sucker as Richie and I are).  Well, as it turns out Toni was only the driver and the guy with her was the one who tried to sell drugs to the undercover cop and they are trying to pass a law here in Florida that excludes non-selling drug people in the cars from prosecution, or something like that.  She shouldn't be punished since she didn't know what was happening.  She told me she just needed gas money so that was why she gave this fellow a lift.  To a drug deal.  Yeah, I know, sounded screwy to me too.

Said said that she would have been gone Thursday night but it rained so hard and the driver who was taking away her bed and a few things couldn't do it in the rain.  Makes sense.  She said today she will be definitely out by 4:00 p.m.  5:00 at the latest.  That's good because I believe her.  I've believed her for a month now.
We hugged.  She loved all the food we bought for her the other day too.  That's nice.  She likes us.

Richie and I went over at 3:00 and she's still there.  Is Ashton Kutcher behind this?  We're being punked, right?  She was naked except for a t-shirt so Richie spun around and waited out on the lanai then I had a mini nervous breakdown when she asked me for one more day.  The guy who was coming Thursday night - and then Friday night - to pick up her bed - well, his parents died.  Together.  It doesn't pay to get to know Toni too well, evidently.  I told her I didn't care.

She said she has nowhere to go until tomorrow night.  I told her I didn't care.

She said call the police, go ahead.  Nothing she can do about having nowhere to go.  I explained calmly at the top of my lungs that we have tenants coming in April 1, we need two weeks to paint the place, clean the filthy carpet, get a new dishwasher installed.  We don't have two weeks anymore and we lost the deposit for the painter.

She said she didn't care.  We didn't hug.

Tenant I would not evict.

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