Wednesday, July 27, 2011



6:00 am  -  Wake mistress of house from deep sleep by sticking cold nose against exposed body part, preferably feet.  Lick said feet and gag profusely

6:30 am - Slurp up enough water to float a small boat and then run throughout house with water sloshing out from sides of mouth

6:31 am - Slip and fall on wet tiles

6:32 am - Stare mistress in face until her eyes open; bark wildly as she drags pillow over her head,

6:33 am - Slam entire body onto mistress's and nip at her elbows; dig paw into her cheek; repeat

6:34 am - Smile smugly as mistress grunts in their gutteral language while she opens the slider for me to go outside. 

6:35 am - Stare at open door and change mind about going outside.  Lay down on floor again and catch another twenty minutes of sleep


Sheryl said...

It's a dog's prerogative, y'know. :) Lovely. Loved the excerpt on your website, too, but Wordpress doesn't love me, unfortunately. Sigh. Good luck!

Grace Elliot said...

Wow! Darcy has made herself at home in double quick time! She obviously recognises when she's fallen on her paws.
So pleased for you both!
Lovely to see.
Grace x

LucyParker said...

You don't have to share your pillow with Darcy? Don't let Parker know that!

I was out of town for a week and came back to find 2 very sad dogs. Hub said they didn't eat much while I was gone so at 2 am, after plane finally landed, I sat on the kitchen floor and hand-fed them because they both wanted to sit on my lap. Lucy, with her bad hips, somehow managed to jump on the bed and sleep in our dog pile that night. Hard to believe that my hub was home with them that week from how pitiful they acted!

Scratch some Darcy hiney for me. She rocks!