Saturday, May 28, 2011

THIS AND THAT (and the boys)

Unflattering pictures of actors we love.

Orlando Bloom
Have no idea
I think I worked for this guy

If he doesn't look like a CPA in this ...

Hard to find a bad picture of Colin

Robert Downey looks to much like my nephew Matt for comfortReally don't like Al Pacino
My darling Matthew, bench pressing his hot dog.

I am not a big big fan of series books.  I hate it when you have to wade through pages and pages of prior plots and characters.  The author incorporates people in a way that lets you know there was a previous book you could be reading.  These peripheral characters have all had some horrible experience that they have just lived through, but are now fine, experiences that are always bizarre -  a kidnapping or dead Russian gangsters, the odd serial killer...

"Jane and Harry arrived late, their work as CIA assassins on hold now that their twins, who had been abducted by the South African dictator and discovered when Jane's car exploded in the middle of a Kansas cornfield after she and Harry had pretended to make love while being videotaped through..."

Well, you get the idea.  Then there are the make believe towns in upstate New York.  There must be several thousand of these idyllic little hamlets and they are all in some sort of woodsy atmosphere where you are expected to follow the stories of at least eighty-four people.  Old Mrs. Peters whose daughter Louisa married Jim the mailman whose brother just returned from the Gulf War.  Yada yada yada.  We've all seen the Debbie Macomber series - '23 Beaker Street', '18 Frontage Road', '43rd and Wentworth, just south of the off ramp in LaJolla' - well the list of her books will be never ending.  She's writing one for each house, apartment and condo in America. 

Here's the Florida preview.

14 and 1/3 Palm Coast Trailer Park.  The story of Thelma Pettiegrew and the brothers who loved her.

I do like one set of sequels very much though.  The books by Julia Spencer-Fleming are excellent.  They are about an Episcopal minister, Claire Fergusson and the town sheriff Russ Van Alstyne.  The first book is In The Bleak Midwinter.  Claire comes to Miller's Kill to her first church.  Russ is the unhappily married sheriff who befriends her.  Along with murders and mayhem there is a lot of romance in the book, subtle and sweet.  Not gynecological positions - those come in later books.  I do love romance more than murder.  A sentiment I truly hope my husband shares with me, especially when we discuss the monthly bills.


LucyParker said...

Let me be the first to post on today's blog, in which you cover so many things that have been bugging me, too.

Did you know that my wayward father and his wife live in Palm Coast, FL? I've never been to visit but I think you've captured them well in these pics. LMAO!

I've read bunches of the Macomber zipcode books, usually when I'm avoiding something else more important. I go to the used bookstore for her stuff, but always buy something cerebral, too, because I don't want the store owner to think that's all I'm capable of reading. They can be so judgmental without saying a word.

Do we not love RA any more? Have I told you that I bid on a RA autographed picture on eBay? I was so appalled that I did that, have no earthly reason for wanting one, that I quit bidding, even tho I'm highly competitive when I'm anonymous. What does it say about me that now I'm sad that I didn't get it? I've got to quit eBay, right after I get my titian-haired Barbie. (speaking of bills - most of eBay's sellers seem to be in China. When the bank statement comes I tell the hub that we're supporting an asian foster child.)

Why is that man crawling out from under that woman? Do people pay you to put their pictures on your blog? I'll pay for Lucy&Parker's mugshots, if you'll bill me through Chinese PayPal.

Happy Anniversary to you and Rich! You are both blessed.

Wendy G. Ewurum said...

Oh I truly enjoyed this post but I must insist on two minor corrections in your serial plot, the protagonists are actually Angie and the other guy, not Brad the other one. We haven't had a dictator as yet in SA so that might be stretching it a bit but perhaps mention Angola or Libya or my sweet neighborer Bo's Zimbabwe, who are still on the African continent , assuming of course you're not writing this plot for Sarah Palin and her friends who will get totally confused because they imagine South Africa is a continent.
Now I'm really having fun, pray tell what is happening with Al Pacino's hair, is the man having a late life crisis?

I truly truly enjouyed this post. I'm definitely on the lookout for Julia's series. Thank you for following my blog, here's mine.

And yes, who is that man and what did he see that needed spectacles....???

Wendy G. Ewurum said...

i just read your book blurb, it sounds delicious. can't wait to write my review.

Debbie Brown said...

Karen, it's been delightful visiting your blog. I tells me a bit about you... and I think I like you! Seriousness aside, your posts are great fun.