Thursday, May 26, 2011


Please forgive me if I do not respond to your comments.  Blogger is locking me out of commenting.  Ok, first I was SPAM with Facebook, then I was locked out of sending a few thousand harmless e-mails to Book club sites and now this!!! 

"What would Nora Roberts do", she asked, her full moist lips smacking against each other like seal paws - flippers - whatever.

There, mummy feels so much better.

Just watched Pride and Prejudice 2005 for the four hundredth time, each time making me more aggravated than the first.  Among my list of complaints - I keep a pad next to the sofa so I can jot these things down - among my complaints is Matthew Macfadyen's hair.  It seems to move about, the length I mean not the actual head.  There must have been scenes shot out of sequence because you can see there are hair extensions in one scene and then it looks real nice in another, it's long its short. 

Another thing, I am tired of translating the movie to my husband.  "What did she say?"  "She said she hoped Mr. Collins had  a cousin."  "Oh".  "What did he say?"  "He said the lake was stocked with fish."  "Oh".  This goes on throughout the whole movie.  The only one who doesn't mumble is Judy Densch.  Bow your heads at her name, people.  She is my generation's Helen Mirren. 

No I don't know what that means either.  Moving on....

Of course my favorite scene is when Darcy and Bingley make their surprise visit and the girls and Mrs. Bennet start screaming and throwing pillows and stashing dishes in cabinets.  I remember doing that with my own mom when someone would drop by unexpectedly.  Everything was stuffed under the sofa or behind a chair.  Food items are tricky because they can emit an odor after a few hours, but I digress...

The version we just watched ended the way it was originally intended to, with Mr. Bennet in his library, saying something stupid about other men wanting the Kazotsky sisters that remained - Mary and Frederica.  Joe Wright, the surly looking fellow who directed this version believed that American audiences are Jane Austen stupid, are heathens, would need a kissing scene so he tacked that bit of nonsense on the end.


Only thing I don't understand is what in the world are they sitting on? Apparently a sacrificial altar or some sorts...


Debbie Brown said...

Karen, you are too funny. I love your posts. Witty and even some sarcasm. Well, lots of that. I'm sorry you have to tell your husband everything that is happening. It just so happens that when WE watch a movie together, I get my feet rubbed. Sorry.

Daniel and Katherine said...

Love it! I still am partial to the BBC Firth addition. I get what you are saying about the mumbling, so true! Thanks for a great laugh!

LucyParker said...

Oh! This is such a good blog today! LMAO, like totally. I'd never noticed MM's hair length changing, but if it's anything like Dorothy's in Wizard of Oz, then it's going to drive me nuts. Another reason to love Colin, his hairpiece stayed put in the real P&P,

Also, interpreting British dialogue for my hub drives me nuts. We tried to do some TV bonding last night, which we never do, and I got him to watch Robin Hood on the big screen, which he thinks is his private domain. I had to tell him almost every sentence, so I gave up and let him go back to the basketball playoffs. Duh, now I see his ulterior motive!

Gotta go watch P&P2005 to see MM's hair. Then I want to watch Persuasion with Rupert Penry-Jones. I hear he makes that movie worth watching. Hopefully, no KH in either of these flicks. :D

kateinbrighton said...

I also agree with the mumbling, but I concede that to me a sound editing problem. They should have went back and made sure you could here the dialogue, especially with the music and seems someone fell asleep at the proverbial wheel on that one. At least Jane in this 2005 bersion (Rosamund Pike) is a real beauty. I have to laugh when in the BBC version (which I also love) they talk about what a beauty Jane is...that poor woman has an adams apple for goodness sake, thereby making my husband try to argue ever single time we watch it that no woman would have shoulders that broad and an adams apple and is convinced it is a man. I'd rather explain to him about the mumbling!...cheers, Katie in Brighton Park

Jenny Allworthy said...

Karen, I'm so with you on all of the above! And yes, I think Nora Roberts would really love your Rambo kitty.

I will have to watch 2005 P&P again just for the hair. I never really payed attention to that. I was too distracted by the whiteness of Donald Sutherland's teeth. And I don't know how anyone can understand MMF's first proposal in the rain. We all need captions for that scene!

Hope your week improves, but I loved this rant!

Wayne Borean said...

Oh dear. I just about fell off the the couch laughing. We watch a lot of British TV in this house. We live in Canada, so we get a fair bit of it anyway, and my wife was born in Stoke on Trent. And it's amazing how well done some of it is. You compare it to American TV, and, well, most of the American stuff looks like it should be garbage binned.

Mind you there's some pretty bad British stuff too, but the good British stuff is miles ahead of the best American stuff. It's the same with the good Canadian stuff, it's so far ahead of the American stuff that it's just incredible. It makes you wonder why Hollywood exists.


Anonymous said...

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