Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I wonder if next year we could start a movement that would change the holiday completely. Instead of the hours spent shopping for gifts, writing cards, baking cookies, use the time to help out at a homeless shelter, or food pantry. And all that money saved - give to the poor, help the elderly. What a better world we would have, such a good lesson for our children. We don't really need the extra scarf, and we can buy our own gadgets. Help someone who is struggling to survive instead. We complain every year about the commercialization of this holy day - well do something about it! Your kids can live without yet another toy. Spend time with them instead.

And you know, another thing, everyone should smile once in a while. And why is everyone so mad at each other, why are we allowing a handful of television and radio people influence our opinions so much? Why are we so cruel to each other, over and over again, when we are all the same. It makes no sense to me. No sense.

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