Monday, December 27, 2010

My workspace. I have my Chicago Art Institute posters, my picture from my brother he bought from a garage sale of two little kids (looking like us a million years ago), the painting a friend of mine did of Our lady of Guadalupe, the signed letter from Deb Werksman telling me Sourcebook was publishing Darcy and Fitzwilliam and - my Jane Austen Action Figure!!!!

I have set up three book signings for next year - I can't believe this. On February 19 we'll be at the Savannah book fair signing books with another Austen Author - Regina Jeffers!!!

On April 9 we'll be in Fresno, California signing books at a JASNA convention with the great Kahuna of Austen Authors (one of them at least) Sharon Lathan. Not too shabby!!!

On March 19 I will be on my own signing books at Books-a-Million in Bradenton. At least people will show up for two of these events. I have never even been to a book signing - I have no idea what goes on, what I should write, if I should try to bribe people into buying the books, what???

If no one shows up or they bump into the table without even seeing me I will cry. Or I will punch them out.

here are two new videos. Two of my favorites.

Baby Beyonce

Kiri Te Kanawa

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