Friday, September 13, 2013

10 things you should always say to an author...and RICHARD ARMITAGE

I just read a funny article - 10 things writers are tired of hearing and it inspired me to write my own list of things we 'writers' love to hear...

1.  I think I'll write a book too.   I have vacation in a couple of weeks.

2.  I found a lot of typos.  Didn't you proofread?

3.  How much money did you make with the book?

4.  What's the story about?  Oh.  Uh-huh.  What?

5.  Are you going to write another one?  Really?  Why?

6.  I don't like to read.  I'll wait till the movie comes out - haha

7.  I don't like books with a lot of sex in them.

8.  I don't like books without a lot of sex in them.

9.  It's a crime story?  I am so sick of crime stories...but I'm sure your's is very good.

10.  It's a romance?  I am so sick of romance stories...but I'm sure your's is very good.

11.  It's a mystery?  (read #9 and #10)

"The New York Times Book Reviewers issue a restraining order.  More print at eleven"

12.  Why don't you get it reviewed in the New York Times?

"Oprah issues restraining order.  Film at eleven"

13.  Why don't you get Oprah to feature it?

14.  What's taking you so long with your next book?  Just sit down and write - how hard can it be?

And now......Richard Armitage!!!

Mr. Thornton's Voice

Richard Armitage reads from "North and South" the wonderful book written by one of my favorites, Elizabeth Gaskell

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