Saturday, April 19, 2014

Still Attempting to leave Social Media and Godwin's Law of Internet Arguments


Ok, since my last boring little blog about 'leaving social media' (as if I could) I have had two more run-ins with fruitcakes.  And I mean psychopaths - not the inexplicably inedible cake we all pass around at Christmas.  I mean nutjobs.

This is me.  I am a nice person.  I help the elderly.  Hell, I am the elderly.

twitter friends

Now, ever since my infamous brush with the criminally insane in London last November (my 'friend' from Twitter), and her nasty minions from God knows where (imps who inundated me with hate mail and slander of all sorts because I stated I didn't like standing at the stage door waiting for a favorite actor to come outside after the play.  Well, excuuuuussseee me!  Forgive me if my husband was ill, or that I had terminal diarrhea - in all fairness to Lucrecia, my IBS information was being withheld by police so that they could entrap the subsequent blog posting offenders)  Where in hell was I going with that sentence? I digress...

Anyway, since that time I have learned to block comments to the blog until I get a chance to review them, which is a good thing since the only comment I received went something like this:

"Who gives a shit what you think, someone brought this to my attention and really, who cares, you are a bitch."


There you have it - a typical social media ranter.

Anyway, most comments are wonderful, and people are gracious - only a few are like the above, but enough to discourage meaningful dialogue.  How do you respond to a comment like that?  Excuse me, but do I know you?

All I can imagine is that, perhaps, he (she) is from one of the sites I was speaking about in my post, the A***** A******, or (more likely than not) D***********. (they are nuttier than a bag of squirrels)

There's no way to know really.  Nasty bits are always posted anonymously, because (1) they are cowards and (2) they know it's loopy to be so angry over...what?  Maybe their lives are not what they hoped.  I don't know.

And, I don't care.

Me hiding and not caring

My second incident was my own fault.  I went to a known (by me at least) site frequented by a woman who absolutely hates me.  And, besides her presence, there is someone who deliberately replies angrily to everything anyone else posts.

I don't often visit this site, let alone post there any longer - but, this time I was curious so I posted a question. This was the response.

"Who gives a shit you worthless piece of blonde Florida crap who plagerises (SIC) Jane Austen."

Pretty scary since she (he) knows I live in Florida. Oops, now you do too.  Damn, I'll never get the hang of this.. She also knows about my books.

Sold on Amazon.  And on Nook.  Real cheap.


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