Monday, July 30, 2012

2005 Pride and Prejudice Teas

Charlotte Collins - Genmai Cha
Blend of roasted rice grains with fine Japan Green tea, Toasty & Malty - Smooth Round Body.

Mr. Wickham - China Jasmine
Jasmine teas is the oldest of all scented teas. The Worlds finest Jasmine comes from the China Province of Fujian. Fragrant - Lightly Sweet - Very Smooth.

Georgiana Darcy - Fujian White Pekoe
White teas are the rarest in the world. Picked only at daybreak in North East Fujian. Brews to a pale yellow, light red color. Slightly Sweet - Delicate Flavor.

Colonel Fitzwilliam - Gunpowder Special Grade
Lightly rolled green tea from Zhejiang China. Full Body - Pungent - Slightly Smoky Aroma.

Kitty Bennet - Jasmine
The finest Grade of Jasmine tea. It's scented five times with fresh blossoms. Sweet - Perfumy.

Lydia Bennet - Sencha Saga Japan
Most popular Japanese tea. Steamed and machine-fired, fresh and lively flavor. Fresh Fragrance - Lively Flavor.

Caroline Bingley - Ti Kwan Yin Oolong
Produced in the Fukien province. The tightly twisted leaves produce an aromatic, brownish-orange liquor. Invigorating - Full-bodied, Long-lingering aftertaste.

Elizabeth Bennet - China Black
A black FOP blend from northern China. Non-clouding properties and dark red color make this an ideal iced tea. Dark Red Hue - Bright, Rich, Spicy.

Mrs. Bennet - China Puehr
Puehr is an aged tea from China, prized for its medical properties and earthy flavors. It is often taken to remedy indigestion. Mild & Earthy - Malty Flavor.

Jane Bennet - Darjeeling Puttabong
A unique combination of climate factors help create a flavor profile which cannot be replicated anywhere else on earth. Delicate Aroma - Bright and Floral.

Fitzwilliam Darcy - Earl Grey
This Blend has a classic Earl Grey taste, using fragrant bergamot oil on a base of India tea. Citrusy, Aromatic - Balanced & Vibrant.

Lady Catherine de Bourgh - Sobro Breakfast Tea 
 Specially selected blend of Assam teas from India with strong, pungent, full-bodied rich cup. Strong, Pungent - Full-bodied, Rich.

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