Thursday, September 15, 2011


The world is a strange place, isn't it?  I wonder if we came face to face with our own look alikes would we even know it?  Here are some real puzzlers and some nonsense.  You decide which is which.


Daniel Radcliffe and Shostakovich!  Who knew.

I always liked this Soprano guy who also plays in Bruce Springsteen's band.  He looks like a gangster baby, doesn't he?  And then what's his name and Ben Kingsley.  It has to be just the bald head.

Denis Leary and William Dafoe.  I just figured out where "Rescue Me" is on cable and the series is over.  I enjoyed the few episodes I saw even though it was pretty predictable at times.  When faced with moral choices the guys of the department always picked the low road.  I said that to someone and she said, "I like the low road."  Each to their own.  Now William DaFoe was a great Dracula in a creepy movie I saw years ago about the filming of the original "Nosferatu."   I think that was him anyway.

This is confusing. 

All married couples of long sentencing begin to look alke, even begin to act alike.  This chipper couple were married for at least four hundred years by the lustful glance he is casting at her.  Even their glasses are the same.  Hope its not their anniversary.

I mean no disrespect to Mrs.Hill with this.  Forgive me.

What kind of God is it that would make two women look like this?  And also give us Joan Rivers?  I wonder if their parents look alike too.  That would be interesting - go back a few generations and see what ancestors look like.  Maybe clone  people come from a whole series of look alikes.  You think they check out each other's hairdos to see what would look good on them.  My only double is John Denver and he's not available. 

How did cute little Valerie Bertinelli ever marry this guy?  And who's the one on the left?

Odd but true.  A nazi torturer is the cuter of the two.

One of these is a movie producer I think.

Not enough Swedes in this gene pool.  Who are they anyway?  I see the girl from "Gilmore Girls" second from the right - a show my husband and I really loved so it was immediately taken off the air, and just as Gilmore Mom, Lorilei, married the dishy cafe owner.  Bummer.

I do really like Sean Bean.  He was so great in Sharpe, always the perfect evil guy in any scary movie.  However, he is aging a little roughly.  I think he (1) is not getting the required botox injections of most actors over fifty, or (2) has had one helluva life.  The other guy is familiar but boring looking.  Funny, the same face, but only one attracks me  Huh.

Always suspected, never proven before this. 

An insult to dogs.

I love this scrappy little dude from "300"  He shows up everywhere on my stuff.  I love the Arby's one - "TONIGHT WE MEET IN HELL.  Tomorrow I'm thinking Arbys.".

I can't even pretend that I had any reason for this other than the obvious.  I don't even like vampire stuff, not in the least.  Is this vampire stuff?  Who cares, in the words of the late, great Elizabeth Taylor, come to momma.


Caledonia Lass said...

Sorry... what'd you say? I was focused on that last picture. Have no idea what it's all about just... yum!


MonicaP said...

Lol you definitely saved the best for last! Who doesn't love a sexy pack of werewolves? Yum.

José said...

With the recent financial crisis, some people may require the service of look alikes in the near future :-)

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