Monday, July 30, 2012

2005 Pride and Prejudice Teas

Charlotte Collins - Genmai Cha
Blend of roasted rice grains with fine Japan Green tea, Toasty & Malty - Smooth Round Body.

Mr. Wickham - China Jasmine
Jasmine teas is the oldest of all scented teas. The Worlds finest Jasmine comes from the China Province of Fujian. Fragrant - Lightly Sweet - Very Smooth.

Georgiana Darcy - Fujian White Pekoe
White teas are the rarest in the world. Picked only at daybreak in North East Fujian. Brews to a pale yellow, light red color. Slightly Sweet - Delicate Flavor.

Colonel Fitzwilliam - Gunpowder Special Grade
Lightly rolled green tea from Zhejiang China. Full Body - Pungent - Slightly Smoky Aroma.

Kitty Bennet - Jasmine
The finest Grade of Jasmine tea. It's scented five times with fresh blossoms. Sweet - Perfumy.

Lydia Bennet - Sencha Saga Japan
Most popular Japanese tea. Steamed and machine-fired, fresh and lively flavor. Fresh Fragrance - Lively Flavor.

Caroline Bingley - Ti Kwan Yin Oolong
Produced in the Fukien province. The tightly twisted leaves produce an aromatic, brownish-orange liquor. Invigorating - Full-bodied, Long-lingering aftertaste.

Elizabeth Bennet - China Black
A black FOP blend from northern China. Non-clouding properties and dark red color make this an ideal iced tea. Dark Red Hue - Bright, Rich, Spicy.

Mrs. Bennet - China Puehr
Puehr is an aged tea from China, prized for its medical properties and earthy flavors. It is often taken to remedy indigestion. Mild & Earthy - Malty Flavor.

Jane Bennet - Darjeeling Puttabong
A unique combination of climate factors help create a flavor profile which cannot be replicated anywhere else on earth. Delicate Aroma - Bright and Floral.

Fitzwilliam Darcy - Earl Grey
This Blend has a classic Earl Grey taste, using fragrant bergamot oil on a base of India tea. Citrusy, Aromatic - Balanced & Vibrant.

Lady Catherine de Bourgh - Sobro Breakfast Tea 
 Specially selected blend of Assam teas from India with strong, pungent, full-bodied rich cup. Strong, Pungent - Full-bodied, Rich.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Updated 2/28/12:

Maybe these kids will look back on this and laugh once they're old enough to realize what the hell they were saying. Some of them seem brutally honest, while others just appear to have a tenuous grasp of the English language. Obviously, the latter half are our future politicians.

Updated 3/30/23: